FOONK, the fork-spoon-knife

I’ve posted about FOONK before when it was a first design and printing. I’m creating this new post to re-announce it since the design is COMPLETE now. It is available print-to-order and is NOT being mass produced. Currently only available as a food safe plastic. Here are some images for you to enjoy!

FOONK as it looked before sent to the 3D printing company.
Test print in a fine detail plastic that is NOT food safe but very accurate.
This is the current final version of FOONK. The black plastic is similar to the type used for hard plastic cooking spatulas.

To Anger or Not About Being Human

Truth is, we are all dumb-looking. We don’t even last very long. Most of us don’t make it to 100 years old!

We all have our agendas, goals in life. But we are STILL HUMANS.

Are we impressive? I don’t know. I can’t breathe under water, I don’t have wings to fly. I’m bipedal and require all kinds of foods and liquids on a regular basis. I have put up with bad humor and good humored people daily. You too?

That’s the point. We are g-damn human being. Made of flesh and bone. We can kill each other or make each other look bright or stoooopid. Humans. We are obviously here on Earth to torment each other with our “different strokes for different folks”. You know… that is ALL IT IS. Our differences are what cause conflicts. Just differences. If we were all the same we’d probably have very boring lives nodding at each other as a salute! Haha.

Really, communists may be really angry at me, socialists too. Democrats? Republicans? Religious sects? Gangs? Cults?

Why, because they can’t write like I do. Roast people with words?

Remember that. We are all HUMAN BEINGS. By design, a little different than each other. Is it worth damaging another one because they are too different? Or ending them permanently? I personally don’t think so.

The only people I think who should be ended before their natural time are the ones who m-rder people out of personal or professional conflict. Yeah re-read that one!

(Did I step far enough away from Hollywood talking yet? I’m working on it!)

The Pathetic Truth About My “Fame”

I’m actually fatigued writing about my own defense in this world. All this in an attempt to get hits removed from my life. Allow me more freedom to work and earn money, even obtain more formal studies. I’ve had to move from Twitter one-liners to elaborate blog postings. I believe the message is clearer now. I’ve stopped dropping hints, I’ve written long and hard on me and my circumstance in life. Where I fit in, in the greater puzzle of Hollywood and peoples fraudulently connected. Hope by doing so, others understand I am not the only one who has suffered. I’m a key person who did though, and the misconception of my life has affected others adversely.

I was probably more important decades ago than now. Just to get hits off me and people around me I’ve had to get less important. Even now, taking retirement is to save myself from brutal hits and kidnappings to L.A. I am hoping taking “retirement age” releases me and also releases hit people from being interested in me. I’m becoming less a target now that people know just how unconnected I’ve actually been, and how little money I’ve actually obtained in life.

It is pathetic that I was taking hits just so foreign national, homeless, hungry criminals(even people were not originally criminal) could make money from criminals with money. Are people reading this?

THIS because the U.S. government was not protecting me, or not enough since BEFORE grade school. Police were threatened and paid off to “allow” this to happen to me and my family. I am SPEAKING LOUDLY ON THIS BECAUSE MAR A LAGO and their people IS INVOLVED. MAR A LAGO. Though I do not think Donald Trump himself knew how dumb and bad my life was. I don’t think he and his wealthy people friends actually know how bad it has gone. So I am not blaming him, only his lower people.

Because I am a non-violent person, unarmed, no gang affiliation, even physically compromised from injuries dating back to my childhood, I was never a real threat to anyone.

In many ways I was like a teacher/academic type of person. I studied things around me. Stories, books, the news. I was not a thug or a ring leader. Just an average person who did homework, not formally given by a school or scholarly institution.

A similar post of this by me is on


The truth is.. and I have learned about it in my near half-century of life: People should NOT possess each other.

That means trying and doing it. Taking something of someone else and using that as your own. Something OBVIOUSLY once belonging to someone else.

This may even include a wife or husband using their partner’s shirt or car, even using their favorite sayings. I believe even this is a wrong trait or habit. It isn’t a sign of love to “remove” or “re-assign” something symbolic belonging to someone. Like stealing a famous guitarist’s musical instrument. It will NEVER have the same meaning as it did in the owner’s hands, arms, possession.

In my childhood I strove to be original in thinking, even if I was INSPIRED by someone else. It was a GOAL to be unique, stand out, different, even in understanding similar things. My own goal was to understand things even better than people I met or read about. It has been a part of my personal journey.

The Need For Education Globally May Be More Important Than I Realized Previously

I’ve been a victim of some very tough people my whole life. I don’t see them regularly because most are in prison and their “comrades” have been legally restrained to keep them away.

In recent times, I’ve been giving my dog aspirin and even some thyroid help meds now and then and she shows signs of better health as a result. I know what toxins have done to my body and what microwave radiation does too. My dog has been affected. High energy dog, crying now and then, laying around, only wanting to play max 1hr total during the day.

Educated people solve problems.

Uneducated people ABUSE. They abuse other people, things, even animals.

I just put this in a nutshell. A need to educate even thugs. About something as simple as “problem solving” vs. “abuse”.

I witnessed it in a child once. One who had been abused. He couldn’t change his world, so he just broke things at certain opportunities. It was an EXPRESSION of EMOTIONS. TO BREAK SOMETHING. Because they feel broken. Unable to make a change. Still thuggery. Still a lack of education.

It takes just some education to teach SELF CONTROL. I bring this up, because I feel MORE SELF CONTROL is needed in this world.

Human beings shouldn’t have to complain about other human beings “losing control” and acting out “adversely”.

If you can’t solve a problem yourself, you need to get help. Get someone who can help you SOLVE the problem. Not just SMASH the hell out of things. Even your favorite toys, or people you need in life. (People you don’t need in life are usually ignored and not turned into a victim of abuse(s)).

It’s a general rant. Humans do this to each other in families and shouldn’t. ACTING OUT and abusing people they need.

Illegal Street Racing

Let me preface, I was a child the very first time I saw some of it in person. I also contributed to the original Fast and Furious series in person too! My take on street racing is this: Just don’t get killed. That could be many things, ranging from being put in a body bag to just damaging your street rod beyond repair or too costly to fix right away.

This was just released today:
Fast and Furious Actors, Orange County DA Team Up For PSA Against Street Takeovers

Yeah, guys… gals… street racing is legit, but throttle down to make it home, k? No need to crash up, get dead or badly injured. Just slow the f- down. Make a speed limit on the races or something, force people to use driving skills not speed!

Here’z what’z up to accommodate street driving. Go slower, respect physics. If you don’t do math, get your local car numbers genius to figure out max speeds for custom cars you and your friends own. Get them to chart what is OKAY and NOT OKAY to do with them. They can help you set your own guidelines to go f-n fast but do it within a safe zone of speed and lateral gravity forces. Not just for straight lines, but for YOUR FAVORITE CORNERS on any streets and day tours. It will help you keep your body and car intact for future racing, like even driving it home instead of you and your car going to hospitalz.

Image from the internet, no one I know.

Organized street racing? It is ILLEGAL because the city or county can’t be responsible for other non-race drivers, the care of the streets, and reckless driving and high speeds are fines and even offenses that can include an arrest and your car impounded. It’s not about just messing up those spiritual about their cars and speeds! Law enforcement is trained and is sworn in to protect the common man on the streets. Taking elite racing to them kinda messes up “the plan”.

I have full respect for street racers and their machines. So I am NOT going to say: “Hey, don’t race.” You will not hear this from me.

What I hope for is that street racers just be careful so they can make it home in one piece. Even if it means slowing down, opting not race when their car is not ready, or if they are not ready. But don’t let this sound like doom and gloom! F-k no. What I hope is that racers get more professional about how they street race. Be real knowledgeable about themselves and their cars.

Somethn’ Diffrnt:
In some sports like yacht racing they create “handicaps”. They figure out the advantages and disadvantages of specific vehicles(boats in this case) and assign them specific numbers to put into the race system. What happens is the race becomes LESS ABOUT BRUTE SPEED and POWER, and MORE ABOUT SKILLS. ALL ABOUT SKILLS if done properly. This would allow an old skool Honda Prelude to race a Tesla and still figure out who is the better driver even if the Tesla finishes first… minutes ahead. (I wouldn’t team these two though. The tech is too different.) More like how about a 600hp 69 Corvette vs. a 300hp 1984 Corvette? And sport Nissans vs. sport Toyotas, etc. You can actually figure this out!

Notes about street racing vs. track racing (real brief):
A few key things that make street racing MUCH MORE DANGEROUS than track racing.

  1. The asphalt roads ARE NOT PREPPARED for fast driving or high speed cornering; they are often full of dust, gravel and unseen oils, other chemicals
  2. Pedestrians and common drivers are NOT watching out for high speed vehicles off the freeways
  3. Debris if not previously removed can cause serious damage to a tire or vehicle, causing even a crash. Even a kicked up bottle or can from a beer or soda can damage a windshield, your custom paint, distract your driving in an instant

The Fraud Economy in Hollywood

This is a first draft. I feel it is so significant that I am posting it without editing. Text reposted from my profile.

There must be a problem with SLAVERY in Hollywood, Los Angeles, the entertainment business.

And it may not need to exist.

This is an image I directed/suggested in my CHILDHOOD. It was inspired by the fact I was asked to give a lot and got so little in return. I couldn’t even legitimately negotiate a contract or even speak about it with family and friends for their advice. People appeared to put money and contract(s) in my hands but they were not mine, not even something I had access to look at and use.

We may need more government control to protect the less protected. I AM UNDERSCORING WOMEN AND CHILDREN… even those of “famous men”.

I have a bad feeling money in Hollywood is out of proper control. People are being used too much. Not paid at all, and just abused and drugged, left at home to wake up with memory loss.

I was directing on movie sets FOR FREE until I started to approach adult age. Even then I was brutally abused and drugged after I dropped enough ideas. Never paid.

This is the RAW TRUTH.

I fear I am not the only one who has been through this. That’s why I am speaking up.

In my adulthood I was beaten up too.

The problem is WHO IS IN POWER in Hollywood/L.A. It may be purely crime lord run, not old school business people.

The raw deal may be that people LOVE entertainment but don’t want to pay to watch it. So there is a cash crunch problem that falls upon creatives, creators, and sponsors to still produce quality without enough money to cover everyone properly.

However, there may also be some very wealthy entertainment-related people taking a lot of money and NOT SPENDING ENOUGH on productions, yet demanding high level of visual value.

We may need a better balance.

The entertainment business SHOULD NOT be using slave traders, human traffickers and slaves. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

I couldn’t protect myself in childhood from it. And I am STILL under that dark cloud of people who did it in the 1970s. Somewhat I was a key creative, however… something has gone wrong with the BUSINESS part of SHOW BUSINESS in my life.

I do not need to be part of the “wealthy elite” but I shouldn’t have to wonder if I can make rent on a one bedroom apartment most my life. It actually happened.

It’s probably why they’ve kept me hidden. Too embarrassed to admit they did this to me.I got privvy to this knowledge and am alive to tell about it. Others MAY ACTUALLY WANT ME TO.

Of concern too is that people desperate to be a part of Hollywood have dropped all sense of real business.. willing to be slave traded, even paying for it. And there are people accomodating this. It sets a very improper precedence Some of these people may NEVER, EVER make a living because of this set up. And because slave traders have them for FREE.. they start preventing NORMAL SHOW BUSINESS of hiring people for those “positions”. Over time… there are TOO MANY UNPAID POSITIONS in Hollywood and NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE GOING THROUGH NORMAL HIRING PROCESSES.

THEN… when those unpaid people leave or try to bring in employees… the whole fragile lattice breaks! Then the “company” can’t grow, can’t make bigger money over time.

THEN… other more legitimate companies get them into trouble. Put them OUT OF BUSINESS ENTIRELY. Then there are a bunch of unhappy people who had built fraud companies.. houses of cards that fell. This is NECESSARY to END fraudulent companies. Because they can’t actually perform business. DO YOU GET THIS… THEY ARE NOT DOING BUSINESS. They are there, doing under the table transactions, and slavery… free labor… but it barely even qualifies as “business”.

Another reason legitimate companies END FRAUD COMPANIES is because those fraud companies bring in people WHO ARE NOT QUALIFIED for WORKING and/or THE ACTUAL BUSINESS AT HAND. They even attract more crime lords who just try to force things to happen without regard to human rights of their own people AND OTHER COMPANIES TOO!

And guess what happens? Over time… their company CANNOT sustain itself and falls like a house of cards. And the crime lords and all the slaves get upset at the pain of it.

I was not planning to write this out at all. My soul and mind’s eye told me… “camera’s up, time to work!” I’m not an actress. The camera is the world, Angelenos, the L.A. courts, politicians near and far, as well as fellow slaves to the entertainment industry and their children.

Highways to the “Fraud Zone”

I propose Hollywood and maybe select parts of Los Angeles be actual “fraud zones” where people can be frauds “legally”.

Admiring the advanced and beautiful real highway system located just outside a city center of Dubai for illustration. Carefully pre-planned and well built, it will allow transport of millions of vehicles in a relatively short time.

It may help some people. They can actually be frauds of other people as long as it is documented and they only do it within certain areas of the city. Maybe even county of Los Angeles. Documents done within the zones have to NOTE that a certain fraud participated on it.

It creates a place of acceptance, and allows for a COEXISTENCE of frauds of the past to just continue to do their thing, but regulated.

I strongly suggest frauds stay out of courthouses as frauds unless there is some statute or other legal precedent that allows Hollywood to have “real frauds”. But they’ll still have to proof who they are and if they have permission from an actual person. I can’t believe I am conceiving of such a thing, but it could actually help people. And… if developed properly, an average person can be a fraud in a fraud zone too!

Do you know what this is? This is like having an AVATAR online, on certain web sites. But instead of a web site… a physical area of a town or city, even county. REAL. Tangible. Something you can put your real body into.

A poor man’s West World? No robots. No crafted realities. Our current world, with specific borders, boundaries, rules for frauds. But regulated.

I propose more than one or two public places as they may get overwhelmed! Like one bar or restaurant probably can’t handle it. But perhaps a city.. like even just Hollywood itself. It could allow for a sophisticated level of being a “legit fraud”. But Hollywood shouldn’t be the only place. And not all of Hollywood should allow a “fraud class” or fraud group. They may want to make certain blocks or a certain radius. So it is geographic vs. just specific locations, buildings, parks. And within, businesses can participate or not.

This could actually be a phrase someday: “Did this take place within or outside of the fraud zone?”

I may have started to propose something similar in my childhood or teens but someone tried to steal the idea who was not quite capable of following it through. I’m glad it came back to mind! It is a way to allow for something that can’t be completely eliminated. Just give a special place to exist to protect others who do not want to participate.