Dust to Dust, Back to Earth

I like nature walks like these in the real world. Not every one can or should follow me though. We all need OUR OWN TIMELINES and paths in life. You can follow me for instance online, but you can do it when you feel like, even in the YEAR you feel like.

I may be returning to Mother Earth themes in the future of my online publishing. Just focusing on health, body, the lands we live on, cultivation, herbalism, organics, gardening(?) even thinking spiritually about people and living. I’ve dealt with the past a lot in recent years and I don’t want to keep going on it. I feel stalkers and snoopers needed to be MORE AWARE why I’m not their actual target. I’m not well monied nor well connected. I had to be disconnected a long time ago. I was replaced by at least 30 people! I discovered… there IS NO SPOT FOR ME to take, slip into, or waiting for me anywhere in Hollywood even outside of it for the town. So I’m staying retired from it.

Here on my blog site, I may continue to post broader ideas and themes. I humbly apologize if there were people expecting me to be a full Hollywood Spielberg. I’m not the same blood, nor same kind of people. I’m more a bohemian, mellow, easy going type of person. Not fancy, just kinda average.

What is the “dust to dust” reference? It means I spent much of my time in my earliest years outside under the sun and skies even barefoot by choice. I like the idea of remembering the Earth and being a part of IT. I don’t have be “one with the human race” or “one with the entertainment’s hive mind thinking and experience”. Being a part of the entertainment industry, even as a friend and not-employed… means a certain ongoing awareness and thoughtfulness. I NO LONGER NEED TO “hold fast” to it. I am returning to “dusty things”. I’m dead to entertainment, but not so much to our Mother Earth. I still have things to do for it. TBD!

No more major corporation contacts!

Hey people, I was too young to be a real corporation executive in the 1970s. I had connections back then to future high paying jobs, but I got HOSTAGED… even taken around the world for a time. Mainly in Hollywood, people were injuring me and asking for money. I BEGGED to be disconnected. I didn’t want to spend my early years in life being attacked. It looked bleak, like criminals just planned to injure me, get money and kill me. Family members were injured too. So WE HAD TO BE DISCONNECTED. There was NO WAY OUT. The companies I had connections to were young and some in start up, meaning no dividends or pay checks anyway. So no hostage money for criminals. I just got cut off completely–no more future job. There were years, decades I lived in low poverty as a result. The criminals involved just kept demanding money and were even stealing survival monies. Some in L.A. PRETENDED they stole my wealth and clout. My health was poor, I was interfered with on so many levels for years and years… but I guess the memo didn’t go out and around? Not connected. Not making any money from anything for years. I was on a stipend to be kept alive. I don’t think I even made a phone call to any company owners to wish happy birthday or anything my whole life. So this idea of threatening to harm me for hostage monies is pathetic. Has been for decades now. Criminals just get frustrated and punished.

What this looks like I was an ACE of cards in the 1970s that people used… got turned into an average “3”, not even a clever deuce(“2”). Looking at things now, it appears criminals have been in denial all these years. May be why I wasn’t allowed to just go have a normal average working middle class life. They may STILL be pretending I have value somehow.

I’ve been a disabled person. In the past they’ve paid doctors off to not allow a disability letter. I’m mobile these days, just not healthy enough for full time work even at a desk.

Contact and a Friend

Comes to my attention that there are MANY PEOPLE who really didn’t get me well most of my life. Here is what happened. Mafia/gangsters needed to do some messaging. It was NOT UNDERSTOOD CORRECTLY.

If someone gets a baby(someone in need) instead of a mature, connected gang(or mafia) member… it means their contact is DEAD.

1) accept the contact is dead and get a new one(s)
2) develop the baby into a contact for the future

You can do both of course. Be wise about it.

Are We All Lost Children?

I was looking up at the sky at night and smiled at the “twinkling stars”.

What if those are fragments of former space ships and bases and they twinkle as the sunlight hits them? What if we are a lost civilization here on Earth? What if our ancient ancestors crash landed here after a something above the Earth happened…

Makes me wonder.

Like you, I have watched a lot of science fiction that carried many theories.

“What if…” is something scientists are known to say. And people “of faiths” and “of religions” denounce over and over again.

Let me bring something up. Pretend I just turned to you in a motorized chair, from giving you my back to speaking to you with my front. I just turned from looking at something else, and I am now turned to speak to you.

Science is the devotion to “figuring things out”.

Religion is the devotion to “remembering and repeating unchangeable ideas”.

Many religions speak of “being lost” and then “being found”.

I’ll stop here. Let you think about it and decide what you want to think about.

Broken Nails

Is being said on the ‘wind’. It means connections are broken, people are UNCONNECTED.

I have a feeling because I was a “baby” various gang contacts dumped and dropped me as “useful” to them very early in my life. Too many people needed money! THEN people planned to help me have money… AND THEN… OVERSOLD me and anything I owned. Here I am decades into my life and I’m being snooped as a money source and I cannot afford my own life easily!

Ultimately, I am a victim of identity theft. It means I can’t do much no matter what… and the people using my identity may also be limited… UNLESS… they only used my name(s) as nicknames, not trying to use my identity paperwork to stay in the U.S.

“Forced to be a baby.” – the ‘wind’

“Elvis Has Left the Building”

It’s an old phrase. Been around for decades. Applies to a small story about me also.

From my Twitter/X:

There is another message I got. While in the cradle as a “child” people brought money and all kinds of gifts… went to others. Then I got scared, jumped out of the crib… people had planned to mrdr me, so I offered to be the drummer boy. They gave me drums and a false smile, injured me. I said, okay… I’ll stay further away. Only thing, it wasn’t a message… it happened. To this day I am not certain what I ran from, or gave up. It may have just been death itself.

I didn’t plan to write about myself, however there are contacts who didn’t know things so much they did the wrongs things with me even recently.

the ‘WIND’

Is pressing me night and day
Does it think it play?

To ask me for money
Without honey
It’s not funny.

Strangers want it all.
From me.

I’m tired
And retired,

No, don’t work.
Tell US everything,
And we’ll charge you,
For us to do it.

the ‘wind’ is bothering me DAILY and NIGHTLY. And it is RELATED to me spending money on strangers and/or creating for a city that DOES NOT WANT ME INVOLVED. I have a feeling, these are not the contacts who knew me from the 1970s… or there is something I don’t know that is going on.

The Youth Surfer

Stock photo licensed from Dreamstime.com

What if there was a young surfer, who learned the local beaches very well… got harassed into teaching newcomers about them, and shared ideas about new tech for boards… and they mugged the kid, stole all the ideas, forced him to move to the desert… and one day he came back with one of their peoples’ designed and made surfboards and he studies the waves at the beach he once was mugged..?

What would the gang that ruined him think? Would they show up and force him NOT to go into the water, steal the board and send him to the hospital?

What would old neighbors think? Would they welcome their friend the child surfer back or avoid them out of fear of the gangs, or afraid to tell him they made money off his ideas?

Ah humans. You need to let the surfer surf. Would you wound a bird from flying just because they were good at it and you wanted “your bird” to look better in the sky? Was it ever your sky? Is it your ocean? Really “your bird”?

I want to laugh… I want to cry. I know how criminal minds are. They forget how many people there are on this Earth and it is supposed to be a shared planet.

A Simple Life

Have the inspiration for a new book! Thought I’d post about it before a neighbor does. This is a working title. The idea is about living a simple life in this crazy complicated and busy world. I believe there is some light to chase through the “trees of the forest”… “Hope in so much gray and dismal days”.

Well aware others have expressed their opinions on the subject. I’m doing it for me, because I want to read it 20 years from now. You don’t have to open this book someday, I’ll invite you though if I get it done!


Mythical Me!

I’m considering really limiting what I write online to under 200 words per week. I have a feeling that I am “burning out”… “readers”… or users of KSPL who don’t even know me. This may make their days go by easier too!

I realize now also, that I’ve been visiting Los Angeles for courthouse errands and figured something out… they never check my I.D. even for the courtroom when I have a mask on. So I’m going to stop going for a few months while I heal from my last year’s surgery anyway. If they really need me back, they’ll let me know in a very meaningful way. Not opposed to being a lawful person, I just realize I may not be well enough and they don’t want to push me into something as an ill person.

I’ll make a pledge to BE A LOT MORE CAREFUL about how I write things, so that I am not coming across “as criminal” when I was actually just “very irritated” and “agitated”.

The One Swimming Pool in a Desert Town

(short story, written live on Twitter/X on 12/29/2023)…

A small town of 50 people in the desert lands of the USA… there is a drought, it is hottest time in summer. The residents have ONE SWIMMING POOL. Here are some things that come up at the town meeting. I wish you all to think about them. Answer for yourself!

  1. Let’s all stay out of the pool and charge a lot of money at the hotel, even make a new RV park and bring MORE people to our oasis!

  2. Let’s pretend there is no pool, and tell everyone outside of town how dismal it is here… then WE ALL SHARE THE POOL, take care of it, and ourselves.

  3. Let’s sell the town with the pool and leave. Maybe with the money we can live in a small town where it is cold and no pool is needed.

What is your thought?

What if this small town is the illustration of a WHOLE COUNTRY, and the “pool” is all the resources it has.

This started out as a story idea, then to keep it very short it became a theoretical situation like a brain tease. Play on!

Poverty Level Foodie?

I have memories of being in college and just after and NOT having enough money for “real food”. There were some gang problems going on and I was caught between them all, so my own family people were NOT ALLOWED to send me some money to afford a better standard of living. I realize, MANY young people go through this, and actually even workforce people can. I’m going to write this with a little sense of humor, even though I know in my heart it isn’t funny to be low on funds and have to choose your daily food based on the money you have for the month.

I’ll keep this simple and leave it to you to create your own versions! The charm of my little list of ideas here is most can last days to a week, and are low cost compared to prepared foods from grocery and restaurants. Health conscious, money conscious too. It is about stretching your budget out and still satisfying your belly and even mind. I’m sure you have your ideas too!

Dry cereal with milk or powdered milk with water, even homemade oat water or potato water or juice
Oatmeal or grits with sugar and nuts, or sandwich jelly, or fruits*, or syrup (hot fresh made or overnight version)
Pancakes with butter, fruits, syrups, jelly, granola, or even dried cereal
Tortillas with a variety of toppings

*Fruits can be fresh or dried. Dried fruit can be kept much longer!

Can of soup, packet of soup
Carrots or other vegetables, squashes, potatoes
Bread or crackers with cheeses or spreads or meats* (as sandwiches and finger sandwiches)
Rice dish with vegetables, meats, tofu, legumes
Egg(s) like boiled and sliced for salad or sandwich

*Meats can be bought in bulk fresh and frozen, can be bought in packets and cans too.

Hot dog, sausage, bratwurst and various toppings
Stir fry: meats, vegetables, spices*
Homemade pizza (your own crust or use bread slices with stuff on top)
Various rice dishes (using fresh or canned meats, vegetables)

*Spices add complexity and are not required. My humble suggestion is to buy cheap bulk of just a few you know you’ll use regularly.

Water plain or with flavorings(powdered, syrup, other)
Real Fruit Juices (a little juice watered down really stretches it out)
Tea (plain or with honey, spices)
Coffee (black or with a variety of stir ins)
Wine (actually may kill some e.coli and other things that collect in your system)

Home baked cake, brownies, cookies, health bars from oats and granolas
Yogurt, ice cream, milkshake (even just milk with ice in a blender with a syrup!)
Popcorn plain or with flavors

Late Night Snack
Plain white crackers (with a variety of things you can put on them from spreads like butter, peanut butter to cheeses, sandwich meats)

I wish to note there were years my list was very short and very limited. I was admittedly in a state of being terrorized by angry gang people who must have misidentified me. I actually felt SCARED of buying too decent a food in a grocery store. Still not certain what was going on.