The Cure

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I’ve seen a lot of things. Believe I’ve figured out how to solve our planet’s peoples. It isn’t just “COEXIST” or “Can’t we get along?”

We have to start with every individual. Build in motivation since birth about how to be a proper human being. And that is someone everyone can communicate and do business with.

Granted not every person is equipped to be a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates or a loved celebrity or politician. But maybe that is the key. What individuals’ traits to we all “believe in” and can “get behind”?

Our trouble is we come from so many different backgrounds and upbringings.

What if we strive to create people who are clearly “accessible” and have undeniable human “etiquette”. People we can trust, work with, rely on, and understand.

Is it possible to drop conflicts? Start just ending conflicts? Eliminating “grey areas” and better define for the human race what it is to be a genuine, top grade human being? What does it really take to be one of those?

Why do we have criminals? Why do we have “embarrassing people we try to hide”? What has gone wrong that we spend our lives questioning what we do when we know what societal rules and laws are? Every country has them defined.

What has gone wrong that in some circumstances it is “okay to break the rules of humanity” or “common societal understandings”? When it is really okay to be anti-society and anti-human rights?

Human rights. Why is not every human being so solid on them that we can build societies with fewer “errors” in the “framework” of what we all live in?

I may rewrite some of this later. This is entirely off the cuff. Something I really felt like saying, but didn’t have enough experience decades ago to say it. So my words and wishes were simpler back then. I’m more complicated now, but I can also take complicated thinking and boil it down to what is key. This is NOT an easy subject to think about and just write about. Consider it TAKE ONE on my thoughts. More to come unless someone ends my budding new career as a freelance writer!