The Pathetic Truth About My “Fame”

I’m actually fatigued writing about my own defense in this world. All this in an attempt to get hits removed from my life. Allow me more freedom to work and earn money, even obtain more formal studies. I’ve had to move from Twitter one-liners to elaborate blog postings. I believe the message is clearer now. I’ve stopped dropping hints, I’ve written long and hard on me and my circumstance in life. Where I fit in, in the greater puzzle of Hollywood and peoples fraudulently connected. Hope by doing so, others understand I am not the only one who has suffered. I’m a key person who did though, and the misconception of my life has affected others adversely.

I was probably more important decades ago than now. Just to get hits off me and people around me I’ve had to get less important. Even now, taking retirement is to save myself from brutal hits and kidnappings to L.A. I am hoping taking “retirement age” releases me and also releases hit people from being interested in me. I’m becoming less a target now that people know just how unconnected I’ve actually been, and how little money I’ve actually obtained in life.

It is pathetic that I was taking hits just so foreign national, homeless, hungry criminals(even people were not originally criminal) could make money from criminals with money. Are people reading this?

THIS because the U.S. government was not protecting me, or not enough since BEFORE grade school. Police were threatened and paid off to “allow” this to happen to me and my family. I am SPEAKING LOUDLY ON THIS BECAUSE MAR A LAGO and their people IS INVOLVED. MAR A LAGO. Though I do not think Donald Trump himself knew how dumb and bad my life was. I don’t think he and his wealthy people friends actually know how bad it has gone. So I am not blaming him, only his lower people.

Because I am a non-violent person, unarmed, no gang affiliation, even physically compromised from injuries dating back to my childhood, I was never a real threat to anyone.

In many ways I was like a teacher/academic type of person. I studied things around me. Stories, books, the news. I was not a thug or a ring leader. Just an average person who did homework, not formally given by a school or scholarly institution.

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