is Social Media a Weapon?

Is this a posture of war or threat? Blogging peacefully with your drink and food at your side? (Stock photo from

Late 2020, I was arrested for “criminal threats” on Twitter. I complained with words, big ones, tough ones. I simply DID NOT want to be; 1) kidnapped, 2) beaten up and threatened for free ideas, 3) see my IPs stolen from the Writers Guild or elsewhere where I have authentically registered them. THESE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED IN THE PAST. I wrote about it in a public way on SOCIAL MEDIA to alert other people it angers me. But someone in Los Angeles took notice and had me arrested. Yes! The real kind!

Is Twitter or any social media platform a weapon? How can I use it to actually bring harm to someone? It is free writing, freedom of speech to others. Some may be interested, some not. Interestingly I NEVER SENT AN ANGRY EMAIL to any one in Los Angeles regarding IPs at all. I NEVER DIRECTLY THREATENED A SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL. I just wrote and wrote… in a very public, available place. I actually thought I made it obvious I HAD NO INTENT to SHOW UP IN PERSON AND YELL AT PEOPLE. Why? Because I TALKED ABOUT MY ANGER SO MUCH ONLINE. I doubt I could have gotten within 20 miles of “offended people” without someone watching me.

How can social media be a weapon? It may upset someone’s breakfast? A meal? But then eating spoiled food will do the same. If you chose to eat it, then how can you say it was a weapon? Reading someone else’s writing is a matter of CHOICE. EVERYONE had a choice to READ my WRITING last year… or ignore it.

Using FORCE and FORCES against me was far more threatening a gesture. Sending fraud police to kidnap me. A false arrest… (they recited my rights when the handcuffs were off). And more. (I may add more details later).

What remains is I CHOSE to verbalize my thinking as public as possible so as to alert people I was angry. Not that I had a SPECIFIC INTENT TO DO AN ACTUAL HARM upon a SPECIFIC individual. Not surprisingly, the “offended people” sent their own people in PERSONAL WRITTEN ATTACKS more than once via my web sites. They actually wrote to me DIRECTLY in threatening and harassing ways. The group also went as far to fraudulently state to online blogs and magazines that I attempted to BUY A GUN and that I was STALKING. Even though I lived two counties away, over 100 miles away from ‘presumed offended person’ as I still never got from the L.A. courts WHICH person had told the L.A.P.D. that I was threatening them. I wasn’t even given a zip code to which person in L.A. thought I was threatening them. And no, I haven’t even taken gun shooting classes let alone applied for a permit, let alone walked into a gun store to even get information about classes and appropriate PROTECTION firearm. I own none. Not even a flare gun on my old boat.

Why am I writing this? Because there are other people who may have been wronged in the same way. Speaking up may SAVE OTHER PEOPLE TOO.

Update 1/11/22
I decided to review Twitter’s policies again just to refresh my memory and to see if they had changed much. Well, not really. I’m sharing my email to an attorney. Here is a link to the page I reference. Twitter Report Violations

Update: February 6, 2022
Freedom of Speech on Private Property
Well, I got into trouble for writing… hosted on Twitter. It was their virtual property as well as their private web and application servers. All my content was hosted on their hardware and software. They were NEVER notified or if they were, they chose to allow my content to remain without edits.

Why was the law enforcement of Los Angeles notified that I was making criminal threats? I cannot even confirm that is where someone read my writing, that was on a privately-owned web site. Twitter is NOT OWNED by the city nor county of Los Angeles. It isn’t state nor federal government owned.

Why didn’t Los Angeles law enforcement notify TWITTER that they were hosting content that was offensive to someone? It would have been the equivalent of a home owner getting a phone call or possible threats from the police department they were hosting a noisy party with a loud mouth present.