Are We All Lost Children?

I was looking up at the sky at night and smiled at the “twinkling stars”.

What if those are fragments of former space ships and bases and they twinkle as the sunlight hits them? What if we are a lost civilization here on Earth? What if our ancient ancestors crash landed here after a something above the Earth happened…

Makes me wonder.

Like you, I have watched a lot of science fiction that carried many theories.

“What if…” is something scientists are known to say. And people “of faiths” and “of religions” denounce over and over again.

Let me bring something up. Pretend I just turned to you in a motorized chair, from giving you my back to speaking to you with my front. I just turned from looking at something else, and I am now turned to speak to you.

Science is the devotion to “figuring things out”.

Religion is the devotion to “remembering and repeating unchangeable ideas”.

Many religions speak of “being lost” and then “being found”.

I’ll stop here. Let you think about it and decide what you want to think about.