a World Plan

This is a rewrite due to lost data on my web site.

The idea of a New World Order scared people so they didn’t really want it. It didn’t ring out through every corner of the United States, that’s for sure. It had a nice sound to it, like a spring cleaning at first but that’s about it. We liked the idea of improvement and clarity, but not the forced labor or the potential of harsh management, even misguidance. No one wanted that kind of change–it sounded tyrannical to me too.

What I wrote about last month was the idea of a World Plan. A gathering of a wide group of experts to create an ever-evolving PLAN for running the Planet Earth as smoothly, efficiently, humanely as possible. Not just scientifically smooth, also economically. In search of greater predictability and the curbing of loses.

To date we have governments and think tanks, usually non-profits who focus on positive change or preventing too much negative changes. What happens though is that it is often the same group of people involved, in the same or similar positions for years. It comes across sounding like the same voice or voices over the decades. What I propose is the idea of a new global non-profit with a larger leadership and pool of talented thinkers that rotate or cycle through on a regular basis. A global forum that welcomes contributors from all walks of life and expertise. Instead of small rooms, or theaters of people, how about the size of a colosseum? Broaden our scope(s), a larger net to capture and harness the power of the sum total of the Earth’s abilities and forces–natural and man made.

The goal is to create a World Plan. A plan to manage the whole planet.

Last month when I first thought and wrote about it, I likened it to a marine navigation chart. Some people are going to understand every single line, dot and symbol. While others are going to get simpler things such as what looks like land and water. We all have an interest in our Earth, well all have a stake in it. I don’t mean a dagger, more like business in description. There is something here for everyone, and there is something about it that matters to each one of us. On a navigation chart we can admire the art and graphics, how long the distances are, even marvel at the importance of warning buoys properly labeled, lighted and placed. It’s a metaphor of what a World Plan could be.

This is an example of a navigation chart. A paper one is something every one can touch and feel, experience. Someone trained or educated can read it. An expert can help make it or add to it as needed.

Humble apologies if this is not as well written as the first time around. I don’t even have notes from it. It was off the cuff as is most of my writing. I am backing up this web site more now. It’s possible I’ll come back and rewrite some of this at some point.