My Dog the Raptor

I’ve been studying my dog. Yes, evolution is a beautiful thing.

What you don’t know is I have studied all kinds of birds in my lifetime. Not with video and still images, just watched them… and watched them. ALL SIZES. Pretty ones, ugly ones, and I do find chickens very funny! Pukuk!

My dog. Millions of years ago her fur was feathers. Her barks and howls are like bird calls. Sometimes alerts, some times just making notes on things around her. She perches and watches all around her. She can sit very still, then in a shot launches and runs like lightning! Those teeth are gorgeous! (designed for gorging too!) Yes, prehistoric. For tearing things, not pecking for bugs. Back in prehistory, this animal was big enough it needed to devour protein in quantity. Not the sweetness of flowers like a hummingbird, or bugs like many tough beaks. That muzzle used to be a beak millions of years ago. It is designed for aerodynamics and good breathing. This animal was designed for speed and catching up to things. Maybe even ate other ‘birds’. It thinks quickly. It smells things and listens for anything in the near and distance. It STUDIES. Birds even today… STUDY things. They may not write poetry like humans, but they take in a scene in simple ways. They are creating memories. Have you seen a dog chewing on things? A bird chewing on a cuttle bone? Ever play with a parrot and how they beak around like play-biting, or hanging on to your finger? Notice how pet birds, play with things, even water?

What did that last paragraph tell you? Dogs were NOT reptilian. They were birds.

Late Jurassic Archaeopteryx skull (prehistoric bird)

Dog skull (notice how the jaw got stronger)

What’s blowing my mind right now is, I can see (in my mind’s eye) how there could have been an era, a time when mammals and non-mammals interbred and had in-betweeners. For instance, if a dog was a bird millions of years ago… observe how they do NOT lay eggs but that fur was feathers. But, dogs have a litter(puppies birthed with placenta) like birds have a clutch of eggs. Coat of feathers, coat of fur–notice how dogs have distinctive colors, patterns, markings? Dogs do not sweat, neither do birds. They both pant though when overheated. I just realized my own dog has an outer coat(thicker, protective, water repellant) and an undercoat of fur(soft, finer) Frak! Battlestar my Galactica. This is real world, the one we live in. No loop nor iteration here.

I’ll be writing more on this… I need to find images that you’ll love. I know the theories of evolution go against the idea of God creating Earth and Man in a matter of days. But please, please understand your love of the Bible and studies. Realize, if YOU TRULY BELIEVE in the writings of the Bible, you’ll know that they used literal and figurative descriptions. In my mind, writings in the Bible are NOT FALSE. It just may not be all literal. But that’s just my interpretation. There was a time the world was in darkness. But, was that darkness simply a time of pure evil before man and woman? My impression is that the Garden of Eden was created long after the rest of the Earth was already growing, evolving. (I may come back and edit this paragraph. My dog is laying at my feet, trying to sleep. I need to too!)