“Home,” said the little donkey on tv. “Why are we here?”

Said the Bull Doggy laying in front of it, “Well, it’s not safe outside.”

Kitty chimes in, “It’s cold, windy, rainy, even some ice. But it is the sickness we are avoiding.”

Birdie says while pacing back and forth on perch, “We’ll be out! We’ll be out again!”

Fishy says while floating in the center of his aquarium, “Noooo worrorrorories. Staying in one safe place a long time isn’t all bad.”

Kids sitting around bored. “Yeah, I want to beat up my sister.”

Sister: “If I were bigger you wouldn’t!”

Brother: “Yes, I still could.”

Iguana: “Hmmm. Don’t bother fighting. Start thinking. What keeps people happy? What makes people work so hard? Why do people smile? Don’t mind me, I’m a friend of Yoda, like the rest of the animals on this planet. We worry too, but we don’t complain. Happy to have food and air to breathe. Humans are entertaining us.”

Party of ants marching to trash can singing: “Don’t worry little fighting humans, we’ll take care of your trash! Stay there lazy on the couch. You may hate us later though, we invite all our extended family for big reunions when the trash isn’t taken out!”

Boy: “Are the animals and insects talking?”

Girl: “Yes, I think they are!”

Birdie: “Use your imagination, you’ll fly further than any bird I know!”

I was just sitting here, and this came to mind. Not intended to be much more, some people write poetry. I was thinking of Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein but instead of “translating” into their style, I kept it very straightforward. Maybe later I’ll change it up, write it a different way. This is “fresh out of the box”, I just wrote it out, adjusted a couple of words. So much of my work in my lifetime has been handled by many people; if nothing else hundreds of crew, seen by thousands of eyes before the public gets it.