the Human Kernel Panic

It’s that moment, or time when a person realizes their world isn’t what they thought it was and all that information they’ve based their life on wasn’t entirely correct for what is needed to continue their life as it was. So the person just stops, maybe even over reacts, panics or shuts down for a while. Their eyes may not be blue screens of death, but their inner machine and clock stops momentarily to witness: “This isn’t right, this is not what I expected.” Also known to me in street talk as the: “Oh sh-t moment” –but this tends to be more humorous and easier understood and fixable.

Are your feet no longer on the ground? Is there no ground, only sky now?

Well, if people’s inner machines, clocks have blown up and they are picking up the pieces, just realize you may not need all those pieces. Just enough to keep your individuality so you can move on. Could even be one piece. Maybe it is time for a spring cleaning in your life any way?

I’m studying a little bit of mindfulness right now, but I hold steady on the importance of “meaningfulness”. I believe most people glance over too much in their lives. Do not give enough credit to some very important moments in life that have actually affected them in permanent ways. If they had slowed down and really considered what was going on and what could happen with small changes in the events unfolding, even fleeting interpretations, they may have had different lives all together. Sometimes a nod can change your whole path, as could separately undermining a strategy or agenda that may have been more profitable or wholesome.

I’ve witnessed too many people with commitments to destruction, big and small. The ones I am thinking about destroyed their own lives too.

There is nothing wrong with having your own human kernel panic. See if you can learn from it, and reboot your mind to a revised operating system. There were probably too many conflicts, too much corruption in the system for it to run smoothly. If you are panicking, others may be too. The safest way to approach fixing this blue screen of death is to carefully remove the more invasive hacks and revert to a more stable, out-of-the-box, stock, normal system. If you are into cars, that may mean taking your street rod closer back to a stock suspension, or removing that high tech turbo unit that is too extreme for the engine, or going back to a regular than a mix for racing.

If you having software/hardware connection problems within the system, it could have too many aliases. Do you what that means? Short cuts.

Is the hard drive slow? Does it appear your system has random crashes? Have you considered all those hacked programs for speed or to circumnavigate legitimate licensing has caused damage throughout the filesystem, onboard databases, memory management?

Right. In our real world, friends of Neo, we have too many false identities, too many frauds. A fraud human being is like using a box for step, but it is made of cardboard and will collapse. A non-fraud human being is more solid and reliable. On a computer system, an “alias” or “short cut” is simply a LINK. It is not the program itself. We need fewer aliases in Hollywood, more genuine human beings.

Genuine human beings, that are not frauds have fewer operating system issues, may rarely kernel panic. Reliability is good for business, isn’t it?

Yes, this is very opinionated. But I felt like writing it just in case it helps someone somewhere. If it doesn’t help you in some way, hopefully you can write something better for us all sometime.