Hollywood and Our Entertainment

There are a lot of wonderful studios in Hollywood, I sometimes call them “countries” because each has its own parents and children, cultures too. Sometimes we visit each other, even loan-out our people to each other’s productions.

I suggest we remember, “savings”. But don’t force it on people who really want to go. Every member of our industry deserves the right to being a parent or a child if the opportunity presents itself. We are also brothers and sisters. I suggest, we all treat each other with respect. Just like we do our shows. No matter how bad or good. The entertainment industry, and the people in it are family. We are all bonded together to find ways to entertain the world, and of course make a living.

Now a bit of humor! Really, good friends and neighbors. You don’t have to have sex with someone to make a deal. That’s up to you. You could do a hand shake with someone, you know the kind people do sometimes to greet each other. Or make up what you want to. I still recommend you sit at a table with attorneys present, for ALL parties(as in the people involved with the deal) involved. I think it’s kind of sexy to make a deal, especially if there is a lot of money involved. How about you? And hey, don’t be judgmental.. or not too much. We’ve all come from diverse backgrounds, some we are proud of and some we are not. Everyone deserves a chance. Maybe more. Not everyone is suited for the job they are offered. But be smart about the person that is sent to you. They may have more potential than you realize. And if not, think about sending them to someone else they might fit in better with. Be nice, dammit!