Threats on the ‘wind’, Right Now

I may have neighbors waiting to harm me no matter what I write online or offline. It is not clear to me why they would other than I am not a hired writer* in the United States of America… where all citizens actually have a RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH here. We don’t have a right to encourage violence and illegal things.

*There are some people who get jealous quickly even of people who can write decently and are not professionally hired or paid. I am not even certain who would cause harm to a decent, unpaid, amateur writer? A professional writer? A gangster child who looks for things to be jealous of anywhere with anyone?

I feel there may be terrorists living nearby, the kind who are so fearless they even threaten law enforcement and are willing to combat even try to rob and slander active U.S. military(I am child of someone who was in the U.S. Armed Forces doing civilian-like things who died a long time ago).

Just posted some writing on Donald Trump and the ‘wind’ came alive about harming me. Honestly. Am not certain who is on it nor who they are calling upon to pay attention. I have been injured by gang members in the past and was not certain what was going on. Really had more than my “fair share” of taking blows in life. I’m supposed to be an average retired person now. My opinions are my own, and mostly try to be very objective and constructive in my expressions.