The Youth Surfer

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What if there was a young surfer, who learned the local beaches very well… got harassed into teaching newcomers about them, and shared ideas about new tech for boards… and they mugged the kid, stole all the ideas, forced him to move to the desert… and one day he came back with one of their peoples’ designed and made surfboards and he studies the waves at the beach he once was mugged..?

What would the gang that ruined him think? Would they show up and force him NOT to go into the water, steal the board and send him to the hospital?

What would old neighbors think? Would they welcome their friend the child surfer back or avoid them out of fear of the gangs, or afraid to tell him they made money off his ideas?

Ah humans. You need to let the surfer surf. Would you wound a bird from flying just because they were good at it and you wanted “your bird” to look better in the sky? Was it ever your sky? Is it your ocean? Really “your bird”?

I want to laugh… I want to cry. I know how criminal minds are. They forget how many people there are on this Earth and it is supposed to be a shared planet.