“the Houston Water Pull”

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Boosting this in a regular way for people to refer to. I’m not looking for money on this. This is goodwill during a time of crises. Actually, stood with adults a long time ago, perhaps even in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. after a big rainstorm and witnessed the waters everywhere. Told as a child, too much trouble to develop a system even though we tossed around legitimate ideas. Realize now, I was with people NOT ENTIRELY WELCOME THERE. Since that time I have visited Houston, mostly flying or driving through. It is a beautiful city!

Openly bringing this up for all to think about, maybe develop a better idea than me!

The Houston Water Pull

brief digital sketch illustration showing source water, pullpump tower and direction of flow to a new reservoir.

This idea is to use a very tall tower with a pump to pull water from a source area and up high enough to create a siphon effect on the other side such that once started, the pull of the water can continue without the pump running. This could be built in a series of pump towers to pull water across a long distance. There is an opportunity to even utilize the reservoirs as a source for a water purifier system. There is also a possibility the high pressure flow of the downhill water could be partially used for hydropower generation or other machinery–even creating a push-pump to increase speed and pressure of the water flow to help it go further.

I cannot make money off this system. I don’t think the idea is original. Just bringing it up for conversation. As I write this, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. is very flooded from Hurrican Beryl. If this system is created elsewhere, it could move water out of a flooded areas to dry areas that do not have a connection to a river.

The reference of “Thanks Houston for not mrdring me,” in the illustration above comes from one of my first visits in life to the city. I was mis-identified as a dangerous gang member!

Adding: Turbulent has a small system for hydropower–in mind. I have no verification they actually produce these units and sell them. Just another idea to chat about?