March of the Purple Minions!

It’s the truth for many others also. Those who were not making money in Hollywood due to the connections they didn’t have. Some people just participated on rare occasions and went away again. Some people were in and out all the time and some grew up in it.

And that’s what happened. I helped open doors and then there was an ongoing stampede of people who made the actual productions “come to life” as in lights, cameras, actors, staff… I was revv’d up like a purple minion… but that’s an unpaid group I was in! I was not earning hourly wages visiting to “create spiritual doorways” that gangsters and mafia laughed and walked through and on the “other side” in THEIR WORLDS… they found contacts and money to do things. I had to stay in my very small world, okay?

I may have been in an actual unpaid mafia group however I can’t verify it.