Dare to Dream

Block everything else out, take the time, own the moment… It’s be real in your mind if you can leave out OTHER PEOPLE’s MINDS. Really, that when you know it is YOURS. YOUR MOMENT.

How do you practice dreaming? It’s easier than you think. First you’ll have to stop absorbing everything that is immediately around you. Then think of a memory you can recall well. Within that memory, CHANGE IT. Add a person, a bird, a car, dialog or monologue that wasn’t there when it actually happened. Imagine different people saying the lines, change the clothes, change the ending…

And that is how you BEGIN. Good luck.

It’s late, but I wanted to be a part of my normal self. Back to dreaming, making, creating, existing elsewhere and in the same place. Good night, and enjoy your new beginnings. You can change them any time you want to.

Not me, but it is something I’d do.