Flesh and Bone – The Earth Keepers

My whole life I have studied people and all kinds things around us all. And that’s just one perspective. I look for answers to questions most people don’t even bother thinking about, let alone asking.

Here is an answer I came up with the other day after traveling in various ways, many hundreds of miles.

Our human bodies were NOT designed for fighting. We are mostly soft flesh held up by mostly hollow, and definitely porous bones. We are not naturally armored nor posses a weapon built in. Look at your own hands. They are soft, no barbs or spikes. Human genitals are soft too and naturally very sensitive–they are not weapons. We are covered in skin that can be burned by just sunlight. Our bodies are sensitive to hot and cold. We bleed easily.

The human body has evolved and is by design a listener to the world around us. We have a mind and physical senses to understand what makes the Earth what it is and what we have to do to keep ourselves and it alive in the most optimal way.

Our bodies are not designed to attack each other. We are not battle animals. We are Earth keepers. Understanding the bodies we have, we understand all the life around us. ALL of it. We understand plants and wild animals, the micro organisms in the sea, the molecules we breath in and out.

Think about what I just wrote. I hope you can remember your true humanity before your life ends. Some of you may only have minutes, some decades.

Some flesh partying at the beach.

This is a first draft, subject to change. I just wanted to see it written out as it is, the core of what I was thinking in the moment.