Mythical Me!

I’m considering really limiting what I write online to under 200 words per week. I have a feeling that I am “burning out”… “readers”… or users of KSPL who don’t even know me. This may make their days go by easier too!

I realize now also, that I’ve been visiting Los Angeles for courthouse errands and figured something out… they never check my I.D. even for the courtroom when I have a mask on. So I’m going to stop going for a few months while I heal from my last year’s surgery anyway. If they really need me back, they’ll let me know in a very meaningful way. Not opposed to being a lawful person, I just realize I may not be well enough and they don’t want to push me into something as an ill person.

I’ll make a pledge to BE A LOT MORE CAREFUL about how I write things, so that I am not coming across “as criminal” when I was actually just “very irritated” and “agitated”.