What’s a Foonk?

First 3D printing completed. It is using the least expensive plastic with little/no error correction at the professional 3D printing company. Holding it in my hand I can see what I need to adjust so much easier. This is fun! Not sure it is something other people would want, but I’m looking forward to a future finished version for use at home and travel.

Looks like a soft foam, but it is a tough plastic.
Found an unused wrist strap from something else and it fits fine for this. I may enlarge the loop on the Foonk so that it can use a bigger strap or clip.

Original post:
Stay tuned… This, “foonk” has already gone to the 3D printers for a test!

Screenshot of a Blender 3D model in progress.
I registered it via the WGA Registry Online. It’s not the same as the U.S. Copyright Office, but they still will have it in their database which generates a certificate, email and your work is timestamped. I DO NOT send people to the WGA to research what I have created. You shouldn’t either. They are not the Library of Congress.

This just arrived today: My first 3D print order ever! It’s a straw kit. A straw, holder, even a lemon seed filter. I had assumed the plastic would be weak so I overbuilt it. It looks cool, kinda chunky. A good first try at it. Likely if I remake it for metal printing it’ll be a lot slimmed down/elegant perhaps. Pixelminion was a name I created well over a decade ago for a handle on a 3D forum when I was first learning modeling via Cinema 4D. For now I am just hobbying along. No big plans. This straw kit is available on TurboSquid for download. I used ShapeWays.com Use this code: vtxa7p (Get 15% off!)

Photograph taken on a RED Hydrogen One this afternoon.
Just a typical water goblet glass, tap water, black background set up in my kitchen.
Image adjustments, cropping, retouching in Adobe Photoshop.

This is a close up of the parts. You can see the fine bumpy texture. I ordered these without any post processing, a print as-is to see how it comes out.

Natural white plastic, printed as-is, no post processing like cleaning or polishing.
Screenshot as designed in Blender 3D last month.