What’s a Foonk?

First 3D printing completed. It is using the least expensive plastic with little/no error correction at the professional 3D printing company. Holding it in my hand I can see what I need to adjust so much easier. This is fun! Not sure it is something other people would want, but I’m looking forward to a future finished version for use at home and travel.

Looks like a soft foam, but it is a tough plastic.
Found an unused wrist strap from something else and it fits fine for this. I may enlarge the loop on the Foonk so that it can use a bigger strap or clip.

Original post:
Stay tuned… This, “foonk” has already gone to the 3D printers for a test!

Screenshot of a Blender 3D model in progress.
I registered it via the WGA Registry Online. It’s not the same as the U.S. Copyright Office, but they still will have it in their database which generates a certificate, email and your work is timestamped. I DO NOT send people to the WGA to research what I have created. You shouldn’t either. They are not the Library of Congress.

This just arrived today: My first 3D print order ever! It’s a straw kit. A straw, holder, even a lemon seed filter. I had assumed the plastic would be weak so I overbuilt it. It looks cool, kinda chunky. A good first try at it. Likely if I remake it for metal printing it’ll be a lot slimmed down/elegant perhaps. Pixelminion was a name I created well over a decade ago for a handle on a 3D forum when I was first learning modeling via Cinema 4D. For now I am just hobbying along. No big plans. This straw kit is available on TurboSquid for download. I used ShapeWays.com Use this code: vtxa7p (Get 15% off!)

Photograph taken on a RED Hydrogen One this afternoon.
Just a typical water goblet glass, tap water, black background set up in my kitchen.
Image adjustments, cropping, retouching in Adobe Photoshop.

This is a close up of the parts. You can see the fine bumpy texture. I ordered these without any post processing, a print as-is to see how it comes out.

Natural white plastic, printed as-is, no post processing like cleaning or polishing.
Screenshot as designed in Blender 3D last month.

Update! (November 10, 2021)
Created some page clips for my creative book. Work like book marks, just smaller. These are first prints, not finalized. I’m using them now, but I imagine I could have metal ones created for others’ uses.

Kinda cute! The clips are not perfect, but I didn’t pay for smoothing.
Arrived in the mail today, out of the box and here they are!