The Birth of Logic

This is something just came to me because I’ve been thinking about My Dog the Raptor and the traits and mimic thinking to lizards and birds. Also, I need to make a flow chart for a project I’ve been brewing in my head. Where and when did the first logic happen?

We as a human race have considered that our universe began with a bang, or a burst, or a spark!

It didn’t begin at a brain process that made sense. No, that came millions of years later, maybe billions of years later.

The birth of logic may have come at the very beginning of THIS UNIVERSE. THIS INSTANCE OF EXISTENCE. The beginning of all beginnings known and unknown.

Where and when is this?

Oops, let me note I do not watch programs like NOVA or any science programs any more. This is just stuff off the top of my head. I used to watch lots and lots, so it’s possible I am touching on theories mentioned before.

Being a poet and a fan of science fiction I JUST CAME TO THIS CONCLUSION. The birth of logic is the first instant, no matter how small, when and where existence began. The very first smallest yet unnamed sub-particle of matter or antimatter. At it’s first occurrence, the first moment of logic. It didn’t have to be logical or illogical. Just a form of logic. A beginning. That’s all it was.

Today, to understand my thinking on what a beginning is. Have a friend stand absolutely still, with their eyes closed. Now witness them make a change. That can be thought of as a beginning. From being thought of as being still, no movement to a subtle change. That is the first moment of logic. Something happened, and something witnessed it.

This artwork could be interpreted as “many instances”, “many beginnings”. We are not absolutely certain the beginning of our universe did not begin with just a single happening… suddenly, “stuff just appeared”, instead of a BANG! or POP!

Thanks for reading! Hope you are inspired. You don’t have to believe in everything I write. It’s just reading, and NOT required. Have a peaceful rest of your day or night. =)