Was I a Mafia Mother?

(from my Linkedin Post “Compensation For?”)

Gunna just have to accept–to myself–I was a “Hollywood regular stand in” for others… and never adopted(paid) to do it there. Others just made sure I had survival money to get me through it all because of the hits I may have taken FOR OTHERS. I ended up being a hit magnet?!! But remember this too for me/us… I paid with my very messed up lifetime already. If anything, PEOPLE OWE ME MORE MONEY. Not the other way around. I’ve had to live a RUINED LIFE. I’m not suing nor invoicing, and “adults” should NOT be sending their small or full grown “children” for money or gifts.

It appears I was a MOTHER for mafia and gangster children. Responsibility got put on me for things THEY DID or SET UP or signed agreements on.

People can and will go on without me. And I need to be retired from helping strangers. Most people I ever dealt with in L.A. even Honolulu appeared to be strangers to me. I didn’t really know them.

I actually believe I’m part of a group of “poor Yugoslavians” that people were supposed to protect and take care of–even minimally, not rob and abuse!

What’s profound is that responsibilities appeared to be put upon me before I was even out of diapers. I’ve had this weight on me my whole life… to help people I didn’t even really know. The distant relative to false surrogates? I’m not sure who set this all up or how it got put together. I know human traffickers were involved. I believe they were Ukrainian-involved, which also connected me to India and Korean peoples and more.