Critical Race Theory

I started reading on this, and it is too early to pull my final thoughts on this.

What I was to say from the beginning, is that I wish EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING had a better understanding of the human race en totale. I’ve found it very alarming at how little each person knows how another person works. I feel EDUCATION is the key to the future of complete population sentience1. True understanding of people. The ones you live with, the ones driving by in other cars, the ones on television, the ones you read about. Understanding is the first step on the bridge to a bond. We as individual humans should be bonded to the people of our race, no matter the upbringing, color of our major skin pigment, foods we eat, movies we watch, religions we believe in or not.

More later…

1. Mostly I believe the average person is an idiot to other people. The root cause(s) may vary.

Responses to Articles

I’m really going to have to spend more than a handful of minutes reading on this. I can see there is a divide regarding the faith behind it. “Critical Race Theory”. So here is an article I just read. Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It – Imprimis ( This really surprised me; the idea it should be immediately stopped, prevented and thrown away. So far, even just reading this article I sense C.R.T. is an attempt at a correction of perception for those still learning and not stuck in their old ways. Maybe my attitude is that I don’t fear it, and maybe this writer does. I am curious to see where C.R.T. goes. I have a feeling, just with reading even this negative writer that it is going to be around a while. Is it just a large sweeping pendulum swing that’s worrying this writer? Is he being an alarmist or just a pessimist? I am truly glad the United States, my home country is ALLOWING lessons of C.R.T. This country is about learning, openness, even trial and error. Also, there is plenty of room and opportunity to criticize C.R.T. teachings. Maybe over time they won’t have to be so hard-hitting, and just brief mentions. Not sure how Democracy and cultural and racial balances are in other countries, but I see by the ongoing news the U.S.A. is still messing up.

Note: Right now I am writing without editing much. There is potential I’ll change this blog post significantly.