Global Cooling, an Engineered Cold Wave

The Earth IS WARMING, constantly. More people, more industry to support it. It will NOT reverse on its own. It isn’t possible. It needs an outside influence.

Warmer air and land, the ice melts and there is less of it to chill the air, the water blends in with the oceans, and globally the seas are rising. That cool water mixes with warm water and gets sent around and warms. It’s like putting ice in a glass of warm water. In cool water the ice stays formed longer, in hot water the ice melts and blends in with the water. Overall the water temp cools but if the glass and the room the glass is in is warm, that glass will eventually be as warm as it.

“We have the technology.” – The Six Million Dollar Man

Indeed we do, we just haven’t used it on such a scale. Science fiction has though, and I’m going to suggest finding a way to make it happen for REAL.

Here is the question we have asked and answered already: “How do we instantly freeze water?” Start with DRY ICE. Yes, find a way to make it continuously and cool the Earth’s waters. That’s a good start. Then the climates globally will change. Wind, rain, evaporation, temperature will change. Then see about THE AIR ITSELF too boost the chill.

Another way to help things is TO CLEAN THE AIR. It is more contaminated than it was even yesterday. Those contaminates change the nature of air and its ability to hold water and how it handles temperature. Of course, bad air isn’t good for plant life, which creates oxygen from carbon dioxide… and removing excess CO2 helps the air stay healthier and cooler too.

Along with cleaner air, maybe there is a man-made way to create cloud cover we can control better. In other words, help PREVENT evaporation in areas so the water stays longer in the earth below. Instant cloud covers to protect a lake and forest area for instance. Not sure how to do it, I am not studying those sciences daily. I know there are experts. I’m just dropping images.

Love by words. I care about the world around us. It belongs to each of us.