The Snake and the Honey Bee

Just for fun, a story idea just came to mind so I thought I’d just create it as I write it. Too long for a Twitter post, so I jot it here. Why not?

The Snake slithers on the ground, the Honey Bee aloof and pushed around by the wind. The Snake wraps around rocks and moves dirt as it passes under the sky.

The Honey Bee see so many things, like the big snake below.

A flower has dropped on a near by rock that the snake is headed to, just along its path. The Honey Bee sees it and smells the pollen, diving right for it.

The Snake looks up and pauses ever so slightly still moving to the rock, and it spots the Honey Bee.

Focused on the flower, and its mission in life to get pollen and deliver it to the honey comb and colony, the bee just lands down and gets yellow dusted by the flower.

The Snake approaches, slowing down, almost motionless and peers over the edge of the rock, and the Honey Bee just meanders around, methodically getting more and more pollen.

A lightning bolt from the sky breaks the clouds far above and there is a thundering laughter.

A bright light flashes and The Snake is blinded temporarily. It straightens up taller, and taller, now feet above the little rock and the smoking flower. The Honey Bee is not there.

The Snake is ANGRY, beyond ANGRY that it didn’t get the little bee, nor did it get to mess up the flower. It turns around quickly to leave and a BIG BLACK INSECT ARM AND CLAW GRIPS The Snake below its head and holds it in place. The Snake’s eyes reflect a bees’s face in many ways, many angles.

There is a distant thunder and the rain makes the sound of applause.

The body of the snake twitches a few times and goes limp. The BIG INSECT ARM AND BLACK CLAW drops the snake to the ground, dead.

All there remains is the rock, the dead body of the envious killer snake, some wet ashes of the flower, and the big sky above. The rest is for you to make up!

THE END, could always be a new beginning.

(written once, under 10min)