My Agenda in a World of Conflicts

I want to impart this idea of who I am, even if I edit this later. It’s nearly dinner time on a restful early winter Sunday. My puppy is bigger now, but still gives me baby dog signals for food time and treats. I listen every time. She knows something is wrong if I don’t.

In a world of humans and conflicts, it has been my goal to help others.. any others.. to “get their place” or “help them get to their place”. This place is their highest point in life and standing with society. Some got very far, very high.. even if a short time. I didn’t stand around to help them down. That’s something they can handle and others can reach for them.

What I am saying is, the human race, in spite of all it’s problems and inefficiencies, there is still a drive and a desire to find “greatness” in one’s life. Some run whole groups, whole countries. Some managed to walk across their neighborhood from one side to the other. These are accomplishments in this world. Not everyone is given the same beginning and ending in life. Our purpose is to find what comes between our first breath of air and our last.

I thought it would be my goal to help myself. But it became bigger even before I was tall enough to ride on a park roller coaster. Perspective doesn’t come from “oneness”. It comes from “thoughtfulness”. For me personally, it is to help people get where they are going. Sometimes it is only just to agree with them. Other times, it can take years and even decades and a whole lot of joys and grieving in between.

I ask all those reading this, and maybe agreeing to some of it… let’s find ways to help each other in large and small ways. We are in the human race. The finish line is far in the future… beyond our own lives. Let’s remember, it isn’t all about our one life, or few breaths of the sky around us.

God bless, good bless, and feels. It’s not the words, it is the ideas we think of.

Americans Under Communism Within Our Own Borders

Picked up a reminder yesterday from someone other than me (I’m adding to the concept): “Americans thinking forward, optimism, ideas, work ethics, building, making money, going big.” –Is this for snoopers to use? Study Americans dreaming up ideas for money making and then force them to be simple, ruined people who never get very far in life… especially if they are a good source of the above?

THEN the people in the stores working look like foreigners and young people…ones even appearing to hate U.S. and people in general.

We even have politicians coming from low income families and little education having “platforms” and “thousands of people behind them”. –Out in public places.

Are some of the most verbose conversations happening in homes instead of coffee shops and schools?

In the U.S. are some of the brighter/original people in simple jobs while the less bright appear to be running stores, companies, even corporations?

Are the most “programmable” people the ones out in public doing the “most speaking” or “most direction”?

I’m not a communist… or I don’t think so. I believe someone with new ideas should be able to discuss them out in public. I believe bright people should not be damaged and destroyed, forced to sit at home with little money. Maybe they should be more profitable.

I think communism is not a bad idea if that what’s happening in the U.S. EXCEPT FOR THIS CONCEPT: Does this mean we do not have enough law enforcement? Brighter, original people are not protected enough… they are succumbing to terroristic people?

In my case I encountered these things in childhood:

  1. They thought I was in my 30s and an adult.
  2. They FREAKED OUT when they figured out I was a child. So much so THEY ORDERED DAMAGE to me. INJURIES.
  3. My identity was stolen and my ideas were given to adults. I got injured, drugged as a child and kept from knowing too many people. Sometimes I was actually kidnapped and kept in a home or house near or far from where I actually lived. Or taken to other places and left as if I were someone else.

Coming to Kindle and Kindle Vella

I started writing on Twitter in 2019 or so, then moved into blogging here, Facebook and Linkedin. I haven’t been writing in school much, and not much for letter writing to people. Over the years I got pretty good at emails and started writing Rosh 3 and some other stuff around 2010, registering with the Writers Guild West Online Registry. It’s been good practice! In my childhood a famous WGA writer told me he wrote at least 4 hours a day. It blew my mind then and I knew HOW FAR WAY from doing something like that I was.

Decades later… Here I am. I write something significant daily and have for a couple of years now.

What’s up? Weekend Filmmaker is a non-fiction Kindle ebook I am self-publishing and is in pre-sale now on with a release date coming on November 1. << VIEW A PREVIEW OF THE BOOK >>

Minimalist artwork for the cover of Weekend Filmmaker on’s Kindle.

This first edition is the shortest and has no illustrations except for the required cover which I created myself. Next edition should be out May or June 2023 with some illustrations and a chapter exploring more tech stuff.

And now I am musing… Kindle Vella. I almost started writing something yesterday but the spark just wasn’t complete. NOW *!! ZAP!! I am thinking I may start a serial for Alife Code*. It may not be good at all, but I want to try it out. Just write off the cuff and see what happens. At worst I could just get to the point I just remove it from Kindle Vella and shelf it at home digitally. Honestly, there has been some energy in my soul about Neuromancer, a novel by William Gibson and that universe. How do I return to some of that… I may not be skilled enough for something that good, but out of guilty pleasure I may attempt my milk-toast/dull/humble beginner version. At worst I’ll make Bill’s work look fargn’ epic!

*Alife Code is an IP of mine registered in 2021. I wrote a little bit of the original idea here. Alife Code on

New Game Map for Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector “Island Paradise” or “Fish Island”?

I don’t have the drawings yet, but being a fan of the game now and then I am working out an idea for a new map for the popular smartphone game. Can’t help myself! I will later post some things in this blog post. I am NOT AN EMPLOYEE nor other associated. Just doing it for fun. I am calling it “Island Paradise” today… but may change it later. The idea is a fishing shack on a beach! I intend to put STUFF on the map that includes things little kitties would hang out on, as well as at the shack itself. I grew up within a mile to a few miles of at least one beach and also spent time on various Pacific Ocean islands. So I can completely do this from experience. Owning a cat? Yes, for sure. Visiting with feral cats? YES, that too! Fishing with a pole or net? YOU BET. Stay tuned!

Other names I am considering: “To to Shima” or “Fish Island”, also I see “Tendō” means “heaven”. It could be “To to Tendo” or “Fish Heaven”? I’ll have to get with a real Japanese person to help me with this. I actually never did study Japanese as a language, but definitely considered it.

Here is the first overall sketch(blurred, obscured in Photoshop) of “Fish Island”! I’ll reveal more in a few months. Sooner if I get inspired. I am not 100% certain this is the final layout. It is fun though! I have hot spots for Goodies and Food, scenic background, foreground and middle ground artwork. Some details such as objects/prop artwork roughed in. In my actual sketch I’ve even put in some kitties lounging around on cushions.

“Fish Island/Totoshima Sketch”(obscured in Photoshop) Copyright ©2022 Sarah Lusor Spielberg

“A common good for all.”

That’s how I feel. People need to eat, learn, benefit, grow, produce, and reproduce in this world. If we can all try, and hope to be able find enough peace between us to keep our world turning, the air clean enough to breathe… enough food to feed us, enough communication and education to keep our minds wise and attentive to each other…

The human race may be around a very long time.

Owning the Streets, Street Takeovers in L.A.

Hello beautiful people, and I mean this in the most spiritual sense! Being a secret creative on the Fast and Furious movie saga since the 1970s when I was a child, I know the emotional VALUE of a street takeover. And I don’t oppose people doing this kind of thing.

This article is causing me to write.

Image is from article link above.

What comes of this is DANGER though, for people who come to participate. We don’t want brothers and sisters getting injured, or worse. This is when it is not so cool and ruins it for everyone. No one wants to go home and remember for YEARS, even their whole lifetimes about that fkn race or that bad move that got a young, or even old, brother or sister severely injured or k-lled. It puts a stigma on a whole neighborhood, even town within a big city.

Here is my wish! I know brothers and sisters want to group, celebrate life together. Can it be done in a way that is legal and safe? Is there a place to gather and sport with cars and together as human beings without looting a store, without endangering those who just come to watch the spectacle?

Again, I completely understand the VALUE of a last minute flash crowd, street takeover. It is almost part of the highest level of the religion of street cars and street racing to gather and SPORT, without prior permission and without spending money to do it. Without formal organization, and it just comes together in a beautiful way. The Christian Bible speaks of Jesus and hundreds of people finding a way to share food and enjoy the day even when people came and had nothing. I don’t know other religious texts, but I bet they have similar. A coming together for a street takeover is a modern way for cowboys to ride in on their horses, set up a camp and fkn party all night long under the stars and shoot guns into the sky and drink. It’s in American cowboy movies. So it is so natural to do this.

Is there a way, to find a designated street, or part of a town where it can be legalized as a “street party zone”? I know this sounds lame, but I’d rather brothers and sisters find an answer so they can still party and not lose the ability to gather at all. In film productions, INCLUDING THE FAST AND FURIOUS movies… we PAY to own a street or part of a neighborhood for use to race cars on. No joke. I humbly suggest peeps look into this instead of getting their rides impounded. Find ways to keep everyone safe too.

Ride fast, stay furious at the wheel.


Update 8/30/2022
I came across this article about street racing protests and deaths outside of street takeovers.

Copycats of Fast and Furious movie driving

Image from article link above.

So here is the thing, kids driving fast in residential neighbors at any time of the day and looking really bad-a and pretending to be crew and family of Fast and Furious… you gotta take your stunt driving to places where there are NO PEDESTRIANS and NO PUBLIC DRIVING is/are at risk. You ARE NOT COOL endangering potential FANS of Fast and Furious. Way no bueno.

In the very first movie the opening scene was young Paul Walker PRACTICING in a parking lot, NOT ON THE STREETS. That was a message in of itself. It’s really real. Some of the fastest, best drivers… in racing and stunts… DO NOT PRACTICE ON COMMON PUBLIC STREETS.

Humble suggestion: At least go to INDUSTRIAL PARKS*. Paul Walker and peeps kept their cars in industrial park areas and they did drive really fkn fast in THOSE KINDS OF NEIGHBORHOODS: BUSINESS and INDUSTRIAL parts of the city.. AFTER HOURS, like on weekends. But truth: don’t p-ss off the police. If they tell you “slow down” or “go elsewhere” they mean it. They love cars too. They don’t want you de-d or bystanders either. There are places to be with your cars, 1/4 milers and long distance cruisers alike. Added level of cool? See if you can find a quiet remote industrial park that may tolerate some driving and has a small mom and pop deli to open off hours for snacks and drinks!

Another cool idea? SHOW RESPECT for residential neighborhoods THIS WAY: Drive slow. Let people see your cars, let them admire your cars. PARADE your cars through neighborhoods slowly. No joke. Wave, smile. Show people true residential neighborhood skillz. Stop at stop signs. Let people use crosswalks. Kids and adults ADMIRE cool cars, expensive and non-expensive ones. Make friends even if you don’t speak with them. Not enemies. You can even go to parks and have very calm, cool gatherings and impromptu car shows. Let locals walk around your vehicles, talk about mods and upgrades. This is sportsmanship, not nerdgasming. Driving is still a SPORT. It takes all kinds of skill and practice, knowledge.

*Warning on driving in industrial parks. If you really wanna be legit, go slow and study the road you are planning to drive fast on. SCOUT IT. Make sure there is NO DEBRIS and hazards that could cause an accident. No one is going to judge you for being careful on your first pass through an area.

I did write about illegal racing some months back. That blog post is here > ILLEGAL STREET RACING

Healing the Military Mind

Photo 198870341 / Military © Framestock Footages |

It’s not a simple fix, please be patient with yourself.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist with training nor credentials. I’ve just studied people my whole life and had a conversation the other day with someone discharged from military. Thought I’d publish it here as a first draft first and potentially put it edited on my web site on a military individual specific page. Whether people admit to it or not, I have contributed some famous military/armed forces centric and themed fictional stories for film and television. I’ve been a ghost creative and Hollywood people don’t really know me because I did not mingle. I lived away from L.A. except for a few years in life.

Children are born of another human being, a peaceful solitary life. It was a calm, warm, soft, soothing, very buffered life in the suspension within a womb. Our eyes are closed, our ears not fully developed. We focus on growth and living itself.


The moment of shock comes when it is time to be birthed. This was our first major battle. NOISE! CONFUSION! Lack of clarity! Our bodies in a LOT OF PAIN with the sensations of AIR, LOUDNESS, EVERYTHING FEELS UNFAMLIAR and we FIGHT to BE IN IT.

Men and women in our country’s military are brave people. They have been trained to perform well in the most adverse situations the world can give. They must have had a strong constitution within to even create a passion for warring and defense on the scale of community, state and national.

A military mind is a very fine, well trained mind, but with that training comes a lot of programming for built in second nature. What the average citizen may not realize is that programming may be an overlay upon a mind that has been with the person since birth. Some military people can assimilate the knowledge and training and it becomes a part of them, almost the fabric of their DNA. Others it is a constant overlord, or deeply rooted education in their mind and they are just very tuned in and practiced with it.

What can go wrong?

Even the best of minds can have a snap, big or small. A snap is a moment or a time when you question yourself and even have a strong desire to be the opposite of what’s bothering you. A single situation can cause this and the snap can last years, possibly decades. A snap can also occur when someone is pushed beyond a certain comfort zone for a long time. A snap can be a scar in someone’s personality that may take a long time to work around and heal.

What can go right?

Knowing you got scarred. Admitting to it. This is as important as identifying an open wound on your body and making sure it gets cleaned up, stitched, and tended to for however long it takes to heal. This may include not stretching, not running, not swimming in dirty waters, careful daily cleaning, healing herbs and ointments and follow ups with professional health care people. It may include education yourself on what it is and how to care for it for the best and fastest healing. The human soul needs this too. A military mind is still tough, and can make a change in a split second if necessary. When it comes to healing an emotional ailment though, patience and quality care is very important.

We can’t ignore how finely trained a military mind is. If it has a break or a snap, it needs good, thorough healing. It took a lot of years, maybe even decades to make a good one. Shouldn’t expect an overnight healing. If carefully healed, remade, rebuilt, it should be better than ever!

What to expect of yourself? Dear military mind, can you place yourself back in the womb? Are you able to take yourself to a safe place in thinking and keep your mind in a soft, comforted, suspension? Can you bring back your non-military mind? You do not have to share your thoughts. Take your mind and body HOME, to your original HOME. The one that can’t ever be taken away again. The place of solitude and fortitude. Exist there. Return there. Then slowly remember a non-military mind. If you can’t remember yours, your healing may need external help of a professional.

Finding Home Within

The importance of finding home is to set your anchor in this world, and in your life.

You don’t have to buy it. You need to FIND IT.

If you can’t remember home, which is your core self or deepest self image, you may have to create multiple sessions of rekindling that spirit… that spark… that was you.. when you were the most proud of yourself.

Some say buying your own home, owning it… is a sense of PRIDE.

You don’t have to own a space or a physical place. Just own yourself!

Own what makes you, your own castle. Or palace. Or fortress.

What are you made of? Who are you?

Fraud Cake

(not all that different than word salad)

There are specific ways to make a cake that people can eat.
There are many unspecific ways to make a cake people cannot eat.

A fraud cake may look like a dog bowl with some sand and dirt, p-ss, dandruff, leaves from the ground around it… maybe even some leftover meat sitting on the ground from lunch that has ants on it. This can be stirred with fingers, a stick, even a shoe. It doesn’t need baking. It can be served to any one who asks for it.

Like the Emperors New Clothes, anyone can receive the bowl and accept it, call it “cake”. No one is going to force them not to.

Being a Hollywood “Ghost Owner”

This is accurate, isn’t it. I was JUST A GHOST that helped create some of the biggest IP ideas in Hollywood in recent decades. Just helped. Maybe sparked too. Hard to say.

But I am not connected to money, not even a low paying salary at any studio.

Some people met me in person. Including MANY from Dreamworks, Amblin and Universal. Even the WGA and the Academy. Guilds too. But I am not THE OWNER of anything in L.A. Just a ghost owner I guess that was never made to be real.

Studio Ghibli used to know me. I was Spirited Away. Or an inspiration for some of it.

Just a spirit. And that’s why people shouldn’t be abusing me ever.
People must have panicked, thought I was a real owner.

If I were k-lled, people wouldn’t have even had the ghost that I am. And they did want me still for free IP ideas. Which I can’t give freely now.

BUT I AM A HUMAN BEING. I HAVE NEEDS. People are trying to keep me beholden and dependent on family for money… and they don’t have much because snoopers and their people kept stealing it from my people. Far outside of L.A.

A long time ago a man told me I could own names someday. It’s here now. I do own NAMES ONLY: “Amblin, Inc., Dreamworks, Universal Studios, Inc., Universal Pictures LLC” and more…

I don’t have money or position with people in L.A. because of NO MONEY. I can’t have too much, they may k-ll me for the money and not care if my body dies. I’m liked as a ghost.

THIS MAY HAVE HAPPENED in the 1970s because of foreign nationals who wanted to work but had a hard time getting a job not being a U.S. citizen. So they may have “joined hands” with me and my identity to get some cool things made in Hollywood over the years. May be why they’ve kept me away. My body anyway.

There may still be foreign nationals in the U.S. who HAVE MONEY but are not legal enough to be famous or well known but may have used my identity in L.A.

Must have gotten out of hand in the 1970s and 80s. They didn’t allow me to ever come back ABOVE THE LINE in a real, genuine way.

I was complaining about it originally, but the more I think on it I don’t really need to get L.A. at all. But people need to know WHICH PERSON I ACTUALLY AM. I’m NOT human trafficking people. I have no contracts even for that, let alone a working relationship with people in Hollywood.

I’ve really been just a ghost.

Update: 7/16/2022, Just came up with this story telling idea in another place. Adding it on here.


You what this looks like in another “life story”? It would be like a talented future doctor.. not in their teens yet, being trafficked by a migrant field worker living in tents, through their network the future doctor NEVER GETS THEIR REAL EDUCATION NOR PROFESSION and is forced to help illegals with delivering babies, stitches, colds/flus, emergency abortions and more–in tents, poor houses, even taken out of country. Never has enough money for a home, their own family. And one day decades later sees that now old migrant worker driving expensive cars and spending time with famous people. In my case, if I were that future doctor… some of my life-saving ideas may even be in the hands of a nobel prize winner on television news or some famous researcher in a magazine. Meanwhile I got older and find I have less people in my life than I did before I met the migrant worker who said he needed help for “his people” decades ago.

Spinning Tolkien

The snoopers are trying to copy me right now, so I am posting this as I go today!

I have an inspiration to write something with a lot of Tolkien spirit. Maybe even get some Studio Ghibli mixed into it. Be the medium for both English/Japanese spirituality and writing in a fantastical world.

Characters that touch us all. Like visiting a favorite town, even if not in our own country… or existing world.

Perhaps define a bad guy, good guy and what all that means. Villians and heroes. The light and dark of the world they exist in.

Is anyone HEARING someone on the ‘wind’ speaking this out? Right now? They are not hearing ME speak out loud. They are watching my computer screen somewhere. Let’s see them hit delete enough to erase this paragraph. (Well I’ll leave this here. Perhaps the snoopers can try to hack and remove it. I doubt it though.)

How fantastical a world? Do I need goblins and Orcs? Or can they just be crooks and hoodlums and thugs? Killer bees and sharks? This could begin ANYWHERE. I may or may not chose a like-kind scene and USE IT… then spin my own tale from there! A place I liked watching on a big or small screen, or one I read about in a fictional novel?

This is MY HOBBY. My project. Who is talking about it as theirs right now?

I am curious, who is going to claim this was their idea… in L.A. in the coming days or weeks? You know, in person. Speaking of it, out loud. Pretending it is theirs?

A.P. please retire my imposters. Whoever they are, whatever they look like. They need a new person to copy.

I’m considering how many different kinds of creatures I can write in, and how close to Tolkien I should get? Or a hat-tip gesture to a Studio Ghibli character? You see, it IS NOT ABOUT COPYING. It’s honoring. Not stealing, not using, it is being inspired by something extraordinary. And acknowledging it, and forming my own story or creature, character, moment.

Why is someone snooping my typing and SPEAKING IT on the ‘wind’? Or trying to?

If a snooper owned this computer, or this page, or someone working for a snooper were typing this… they would probably be deleting the mention, any mention of snooping… copying, and related. But THIS IS MY COMPUTER… I’ve been the target of many. So I’m leaving it.

A ranger rides hard and fast through the tundra-like land. His hope the sun won’t rise in time to catch him in flight…

Sounds of hundreds of quiet rabbits chattering all around… but the forests are distant… stars light his way and his horse scrambles on the ancient fragmented stones…

Streams of falling stars are heard between strides…