Spiritually and Worship

It is one thing to speak of doing something, it takes more than just courage to take a step in an all new direction! Starting now, I am committing to a NEW PATH in life that I hope and pray will guide me to be a person more easily known to past peoples and new strangers.

I do not know if I’ll kneel before a cross or other object. This has bothered me some since my earliest days of visiting a church or other house of worship.

What I seek is being able to “know my fellow human”. I wish to be able not to stand in someone else’s shoes, but to be able to emotionally, spiritually understand them like standing at their side.

I’m not seeking demi-god status! ROTFLMAO! No, I just seek understand of “my fellow man and woman and whatever names they call themselves.”

It’s a new path for me, but not an unfamiliar way of thinking. Not sure I can be on a steady course, but I hope it’ll be a gentle one. I have written of violence and spoken of great hates. Yes, I may have written them OUT OF MY OWN SYSTEM. But I actually want peace and peacefulness in my own life. I don’t really want dramas. I’d rather help be a steady spirit for others going through turbulent times.

Hopefully see you again someday!

I just wrote this in a very casual informal way, I know it!