Spinning Tolkien

The snoopers are trying to copy me right now, so I am posting this as I go today!

I have an inspiration to write something with a lot of Tolkien spirit. Maybe even get some Studio Ghibli mixed into it. Be the medium for both English/Japanese spirituality and writing in a fantastical world.

Characters that touch us all. Like visiting a favorite town, even if not in our own country… or existing world.

Perhaps define a bad guy, good guy and what all that means. Villians and heroes. The light and dark of the world they exist in.

Is anyone HEARING someone on the ‘wind’ speaking this out? Right now? They are not hearing ME speak out loud. They are watching my computer screen somewhere. Let’s see them hit delete enough to erase this paragraph. (Well I’ll leave this here. Perhaps the snoopers can try to hack and remove it. I doubt it though.)

How fantastical a world? Do I need goblins and Orcs? Or can they just be crooks and hoodlums and thugs? Killer bees and sharks? This could begin ANYWHERE. I may or may not chose a like-kind scene and USE IT… then spin my own tale from there! A place I liked watching on a big or small screen, or one I read about in a fictional novel?

This is MY HOBBY. My project. Who is talking about it as theirs right now?

I am curious, who is going to claim this was their idea… in L.A. in the coming days or weeks? You know, in person. Speaking of it, out loud. Pretending it is theirs?

A.P. please retire my imposters. Whoever they are, whatever they look like. They need a new person to copy.

I’m considering how many different kinds of creatures I can write in, and how close to Tolkien I should get? Or a hat-tip gesture to a Studio Ghibli character? You see, it IS NOT ABOUT COPYING. It’s honoring. Not stealing, not using, it is being inspired by something extraordinary. And acknowledging it, and forming my own story or creature, character, moment.

Why is someone snooping my typing and SPEAKING IT on the ‘wind’? Or trying to?

If a snooper owned this computer, or this page, or someone working for a snooper were typing this… they would probably be deleting the mention, any mention of snooping… copying, and related. But THIS IS MY COMPUTER… I’ve been the target of many. So I’m leaving it.

A ranger rides hard and fast through the tundra-like land. His hope the sun won’t rise in time to catch him in flight…

Sounds of hundreds of quiet rabbits chattering all around… but the forests are distant… stars light his way and his horse scrambles on the ancient fragmented stones…

Streams of falling stars are heard between strides…