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Why Snoopers Are a Bad Idea for Content Creation in Support of the WGA Strike
Waters that Power Us at Glen Canyon Dam
Owning the Streets, Street Takeovers in L.A.
KFC China’s Food Waste Problem
Hidden Messages in the News Media

New Ideas

More Balance in Life…
The Neighborhoods Surrounding Places of Worship and… (unfinished)
“Good Morning”
Math Should Not Determine Life on Earth (unfinished)
Getting Rid of “Stupid” (from our lives)
It’s Like Having a Rabbi Friend
Healing the Military Mind
To Anger or Not About Being Human
The Fraud Economy in Hollywood
Highways to the Fraud Zone
The Nature of a Cancer Cell
Of Terrorism and Peace
a Native American Nation Within United States Borders
The Cure
A Balanced Global Economy
Flesh and Bone – The Earth Keepers
a World Plan
The Birth of Logic
Allegory of a Table
COVID-19 Lockdown and Low Budget Eats
Noah and the Flood

Story Telling, Literature, Fun

Analogy of the Power Over Water
Allegory of the Little Bird and the Farmer
The Allegory of the Fruit Tree
The Old Man and the Birds
Lesson of Three Birds
Nice Thing About Reading and Writing and Fallen Tree
Bitter the Snowman
The Story of Talents
The Snake and the Honey Bee
Hollow in the Sky

Short Posts

Chaos Theory
The Fruit Stand or Boutique Motion Picture Company
A Common Good for All
Fraud Cake
A Holiday Gift – The Compliment


Ask the Janitor
Angry Me – MisIdentified Too Often
Bye Bye to Hollywood
How NOT a Money Person…
Return to Twitter
Titicut Follies
A Brief Testimony
Spirituality and Worship
Felony Colony of the United States
Scary Idea…Simple Me as a “Criminal Me”
I Can’t Handle Gang Monies
Dust to Dust, Back to Earth
Sasha’s Daughter – I’m Not the Actual Woman
Beggars Around Me
Social Media Account Adjustments
Not a Ukrainian
Was I a Mafia Mother?
The Fast and Furious FK UP
Being a Spirit Walker
Intellectual Property Rights, Trading, Bartering
Exiting WB Connection
Clever Elf (this one) Is Retired from Hollywood’s Workshop
My Agenda in a World of Conflicts
Americans Under Communism Within Our Borders
Coming to Kindle and Kindle Vella
Spinning Tolkien
Is Social Media a Weapon?
In the Dark