The Fraud Economy in Hollywood

This is a first draft. I feel it is so significant that I am posting it without editing. Text reposted from my profile.

There must be a problem with SLAVERY in Hollywood, Los Angeles, the entertainment business.

And it may not need to exist.

This is an image I directed/suggested in my CHILDHOOD. It was inspired by the fact I was asked to give a lot and got so little in return. I couldn’t even legitimately negotiate a contract or even speak about it with family and friends for their advice. People appeared to put money and contract(s) in my hands but they were not mine, not even something I had access to look at and use.

We may need more government control to protect the less protected. I AM UNDERSCORING WOMEN AND CHILDREN… even those of “famous men”.

I have a bad feeling money in Hollywood is out of proper control. People are being used too much. Not paid at all, and just abused and drugged, left at home to wake up with memory loss.

I was directing on movie sets FOR FREE until I started to approach adult age. Even then I was brutally abused and drugged after I dropped enough ideas. Never paid.

This is the RAW TRUTH.

I fear I am not the only one who has been through this. That’s why I am speaking up.

In my adulthood I was beaten up too.

The problem is WHO IS IN POWER in Hollywood/L.A. It may be purely crime lord run, not old school business people.

The raw deal may be that people LOVE entertainment but don’t want to pay to watch it. So there is a cash crunch problem that falls upon creatives, creators, and sponsors to still produce quality without enough money to cover everyone properly.

However, there may also be some very wealthy entertainment-related people taking a lot of money and NOT SPENDING ENOUGH on productions, yet demanding high level of visual value.

We may need a better balance.

The entertainment business SHOULD NOT be using slave traders, human traffickers and slaves. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

I couldn’t protect myself in childhood from it. And I am STILL under that dark cloud of people who did it in the 1970s. Somewhat I was a key creative, however… something has gone wrong with the BUSINESS part of SHOW BUSINESS in my life.

I do not need to be part of the “wealthy elite” but I shouldn’t have to wonder if I can make rent on a one bedroom apartment most my life. It actually happened.

It’s probably why they’ve kept me hidden. Too embarrassed to admit they did this to me.I got privvy to this knowledge and am alive to tell about it. Others MAY ACTUALLY WANT ME TO.

Of concern too is that people desperate to be a part of Hollywood have dropped all sense of real business.. willing to be slave traded, even paying for it. And there are people accomodating this. It sets a very improper precedence Some of these people may NEVER, EVER make a living because of this set up. And because slave traders have them for FREE.. they start preventing NORMAL SHOW BUSINESS of hiring people for those “positions”. Over time… there are TOO MANY UNPAID POSITIONS in Hollywood and NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE GOING THROUGH NORMAL HIRING PROCESSES.

THEN… when those unpaid people leave or try to bring in employees… the whole fragile lattice breaks! Then the “company” can’t grow, can’t make bigger money over time.

THEN… other more legitimate companies get them into trouble. Put them OUT OF BUSINESS ENTIRELY. Then there are a bunch of unhappy people who had built fraud companies.. houses of cards that fell. This is NECESSARY to END fraudulent companies. Because they can’t actually perform business. DO YOU GET THIS… THEY ARE NOT DOING BUSINESS. They are there, doing under the table transactions, and slavery… free labor… but it barely even qualifies as “business”.

Another reason legitimate companies END FRAUD COMPANIES is because those fraud companies bring in people WHO ARE NOT QUALIFIED for WORKING and/or THE ACTUAL BUSINESS AT HAND. They even attract more crime lords who just try to force things to happen without regard to human rights of their own people AND OTHER COMPANIES TOO!

And guess what happens? Over time… their company CANNOT sustain itself and falls like a house of cards. And the crime lords and all the slaves get upset at the pain of it.

I was not planning to write this out at all. My soul and mind’s eye told me… “camera’s up, time to work!” I’m not an actress. The camera is the world, Angelenos, the L.A. courts, politicians near and far, as well as fellow slaves to the entertainment industry and their children.