The Small Town Soap Box

fictional mini story

There in the middle of a small town square of a few hundred people… was a very practical wooden box about a meter square or three feet at every dimension. Every Friday afternoon before everyone went home for dinner one person stood on the box and spoke of the week’s currents. Another may stand up on it and give some advice, yet another may tell a short story or some jokes and that’s it every week. Who gets to stand on the soapbox? Well it could be the same people, or the whole town could take turns. What if the whole town did take turns and certain people were “always unavailable” when it was their turn?

One day a youth went looking for an older woman who was never taking her turn. He went to her home on the outskirts of town and knocked on the door. “Ma’am? Why haven’t you taken your turn on the box during my whole life? No one even wants to talk about you.”

The old woman was slow to begin then replied, “I stood on the soapbox for an hour in my youth. I was shaking from injuries and malnutrition and told the story about the sister town twenty miles away that was raided and burned to the ground. This town doesn’t even want to look at me because it reminds them of what happened.”

Hidden Meanings? Common People and Gang Cultures

Just want to bring something up that may have gotten me into more trouble than it should have.

Gangs and gang members have certain understandings about “how things go” or “how things are supposed to go” and what certain things mean. They have created associations to mannerisms, gestures, types of speech, types of work, and more and I AM VERY UNAWARE of them. They can be very regional also, which means 500 miles away other gangs interpret things differently.

IT WAS NOTED a long time ago in my youth that I was “politician minded” NOT “gang or gangster minded” when I approached contributing to public presentations including ideas for Hollywood and other entertainment cities. I was very young and NOT educated in the various cultures globally. I took things as common people do. Maybe even scholarly, academic interpretations also. THESE MAY NOT BE THE SAME as local gang cultures.

Thankfully some people very early on ALLOWED ME to carry my own culture and approaches to understanding and interpreting the “world around me”. I learned as I went. I did learn about leaders and followers. I also learned about jealousy and ignorance and also pure anarchy. I have witnessed what is dangerous and also what helps everyone get along.

I may not have a common understanding of everything with anyone, yet… there are people who have understood me well enough that early in life I got to meet with important people. I was allowed to get very important people in person to chat with. They may have been important to gang members more than the general public. What they likely decided on is that I am NOT THE THREAT. It is NOT ME myself. They know the real players, and some WERE THE REAL PLAYERS. I have been a baby to those very big people.

Some gang people out in public have a very big chip on their shoulder. They may have done a lot of very important things however I personally don’t know them nor what they did. Please forgive me if I am the ignorant one. Okay? In all fairness I got VERY RETIRED from all kinds of people early in life. I have not been interacting much with anyone. Didn’t really need to.

Using “I” a lot in my writings, wishing it known that my interpretations and opinions are my own. Clearly am pointing at myself.