A Time for Peace, an Ending of Ridicule

What I realize may be going on even in California is that people have less money to work with and have to move closer to other people than they planned on. Some are moving into smaller apartment units, ADU’s instead of full sized homes, tract homes instead of custom homes, RV parks instead of free roaming and camping out. It may be even closer like sharing a house, an apartment, even a bedroom with others. When money is tight, people generally get closer to friends, relatives, even new neighbors. Typically downturn in wealth within a state or nation means people need to live and work closer to each other. It could mean new bonds and new forms of mental crazy too!

If you proceed ahead with a “mind for peace” before you get into a new situation, you may be better prepared to do it.

Turtles don’t mind getting a little closer, even stacking on each other enjoying the day! I wonder if they had to mentally prepare for this? (Image from another writer Sarah here https://furwingsandscalythings.com/why-do-turtles-stack/)

Downsizing isn’t always a negative thing! You could find new ways to save money and create new relationships with others to help you “get through this time”. Sadly, it appears EVERYONE is going through it in some way in the United States.

A contraction of wealth doesn’t have to mean a contraction in spirit! In fact, some people get more religious and pray more knowing how on the edge their financial picture may be.

Here’s what’s cool. We are supposed to be all humans. We share similar problems. You are NOT ALONE.

Don’t fear downsizing and living a simpler, less expensive life! It’s isn’t shameful in an economic downturn at all. No ridicule, no judgements. We appear all in this problem together. Surviving it.

the ‘WIND’

Is pressing me night and day
Does it think it play?

To ask me for money
Without honey
It’s not funny.

Strangers want it all.
From me.

I’m tired
And retired,

No, don’t work.
Tell US everything,
And we’ll charge you,
For us to do it.

the ‘wind’ is bothering me DAILY and NIGHTLY. And it is RELATED to me spending money on strangers and/or creating for a city that DOES NOT WANT ME INVOLVED. I have a feeling, these are not the contacts who knew me from the 1970s… or there is something I don’t know that is going on.

The Fruit Stand or Boutique Motion Picture Company

If you give a child (big or small) a fruit stand to sell things at and then have them LEAVE and you sell it to someone else to use… you can’t seek out the original child for money decades later in another town and expect they made money on that original fruit stand all these past years. You really look odd asking for money to buy new fruit for that old stand!

Scary Idea…Simple Me as a “Criminal Me”

I HAVE TO RETIREMENT AGE and QUIT IN HASTE any commitment or support of Hollywood, Bollywood… even Dollywood… whatever. I HAVE BEEN TRULY MISTAKEN AS SOMEONE ELSE “risen from death” or something!

Great series, great characters… illustates the “Doctor Jekyl, Mr. Hyde” effect in a single human being. What if these were two different people: a Simple Me (the doctor) and Criminal Me (Hulk)? The doctor knew Hulk could do amazing things, but he couldn’t control like people hoped or wished he could. And others, love Hulk just being his unchained self even if he got injured, damaged, thrown in jail. Both of these characters exist in societies. Not always as obvious as Hollywood can paint them! (Incredible Hulk and promotional photography is copyright MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT, I admit to borrowing this from the internet without written permission and am wiling to remove it if asked.)

MORE THAN ONE MAN, who could have been deemed terroristic with a gun even talented at filmmaking… were involved with gangs and mafia, and getting movies created… USED MY NAME in the 1970s. I AM NOT HIM. I may have looked like HIS DAUGHTER at some point in time. But I was a stand in if you thought that. One used me like A SON… which later became Korean boys and women in Hollywood. I am NOT ONE OF THEM… or you’d all know ME PERSONALLY BETTER and I wouldn’t have to write this over 100mi+ away from Hollywood. Some of the men and women using my name may still be in Honolulu, L.A. even scattered all over the U.S. and internationally. I’m the young one some had to swear to protect and may be how my name got all over Hollywood… but new people over the years may not have known the origin. My “Hollywood dads” and “moms” and “brothers and sisters” used my name and others’ names in L.A. Like “criminal me’s”.

People need the “criminal me’s” in and out of Hollywood FOR MONIES… not someone like me. I was known as a big mouth child, but also a “quiet, creative Steven”… I cannot rise to the occasion of “criminal me” and go brute force movies and money for Hollywood. Nor can I traffic people.

More on “Criminal Me’s”

Another thing about “Criminal Me’s”. Some are obviously not as criminal as others. In my case I got a variety too. But what may need a REVIEW is how many criminals me’s are working against a certain “simple me”. Too many people ganging up on the same person, and not coordinated… equates to more damage and more people thrown in jail.

Some criminal me’s are intelligent and get really great things done! Others are more thuggish and just hate people, don’t love anything.

Corporate “Criminal Me’s”… I want to note, some corporation people come across very criminal… even if they play by the rules and laws of a country. Politicians too. They have to be educated about what’s going on and make tough decisions that could hurt thousands people, maybe millions financially. Some of it requires “management IQ”. I respect those. They DO KNOW ABOUT “simple me” people though, and know NOT to SPEND MONEY damaging them. “Simple me” people are typically not a threat.

I am a “Simple Me” who has been allowed to register motion picture studio names. It’s probably because the high up corporate people know I’m NOT A THREAT TO THEM. They know I wouldn’t do dangerous things. They’ve probably been watching too to see what I’d do. Not all know me well at all. Some have for decades though, but I’m not sure how well. Some may be sad that there are so many criminal me’s that I can’t even just visit major corporations, people from them, or be a “late bloomer” and do more in society than just write online… which is about all I have right now.

I’m capable of being a “corporation criminal me” but not to the level managers at big companies are. They have tougher jobs with a lot of back up, people behind them. I don’t have much at all.

This is funny, just came across this so adding on here…

Hahaha!!! Now.. not all criminal me’s look like batman… and… geezus, I’m NOT that kind of simple me! But I BET there are some “dynamic duos” out there that would surprise people. But the point here is… this catwoman really couldn’t do much to that Batman, and that Batman could do some serious damage to this cat woman… and it wouldn’t make any sense! However, some cat women like this may be hidden criminal me’s who have big criminal me’s elsewhere that could injure Batman… but is it necessary? Would it be necessary to damage Batman because he was .. taller? Male? Or drove a cool car? Or one of the cat’s liked him better? Some simple me catwomen could just give Batman some lunch money on an off day (like his fortune was unavailable).. you know? Lesson here is… maybe should be nicer to each other whoever we are, whichever suit we are wearing? Bat or Cat?

On Stealing from a “Cat Person”

Side note about my survival money in life. One of my father’s demonstrated to a criminal in my childhood… depositing $100 in a bank savings account. That was around the late 1970s. Within the last ten years or so, may have been 2014-2016 or so I was able to get a check from the State of Hawaii for around $200… the savings account had been closed and funds “went to the state”… which happens with a dormant account. The point is… all these decades… NOT ONE PERSON could claim and use the account. So if there are any criminals watching me, stalking me… waiting for a time to knock me down once and for all and bury me… they STILL WON’T GET my survival monies.

I Can’t Handle Gang Monies

Not something I was planning on putting on my blog site, but I want gang/mafia business people to know I cannot take pay offs from them and then pay others. I am simply not protected enough. ALSO, I was supposed to WORK. I was the one who was supposed to work for money. Not take pay offs and sit around. There has been a conflict of interest and this has caused me and all kinds of people confusion. I’ve had amnesia from hits, what’s your excuses–people who may be laughing?

I was told at a very young age I could not be a rp dog, may have been by other rp dogs. They even called me a “cripple” back then. In gang language it meant I needed to work… but in normal people language it panicked me that they were going to actually cripple me! I may have said, “I’m no cripple!” It MEANT to me.. and others.. I wanted to work like average people! In the U.S. a cripple looks like someone who has to sit at home. But a gang cripple is someone who can’t transact with gang money… right? I am asking because I am not an actual gang member, apparently just loosely, faintly adopted by more than one gang.

In the 1970s… my legal legitimate contacts were given money and it was STOLEN. When I was a child, maybe even again as a young adult… was TOLD to go to a specific person for money and when I asked, I got badly injured. More than once all I was doing was picking up a check to deliver to someone else. Wasn’t even money for me!

I beg of people… PLEASE STOP USING ME NOW. Phase out my name(s) in Hollywood, stop pretending I am GATE KEEPER… or KEY MASTER… or someone who has money sitting around somewhere… I have NO BACKROOM people moving money around. I got robbed blind and blindly a long time ago. I’m physically disabled and old now. I don’t even have a part time job at Walmart with cash available to just give children, a temple or church, non-profits or something, you know?