I Can’t Handle Gang Monies

Not something I was planning on putting on my blog site, but I want gang/mafia business people to know I cannot take pay offs from them and then pay others. I am simply not protected enough. ALSO, I was supposed to WORK. I was the one who was supposed to work for money. Not take pay offs and sit around. There has been a conflict of interest and this has caused me and all kinds of people confusion. I’ve had amnesia from hits, what’s your excuses–people who may be laughing?

I was told at a very young age I could not be a rp dog, may have been by other rp dogs. They even called me a “cripple” back then. In gang language it meant I needed to work… but in normal people language it panicked me that they were going to actually cripple me! I may have said, “I’m no cripple!” It MEANT to me.. and others.. I wanted to work like average people! In the U.S. a cripple looks like someone who has to sit at home. But a gang cripple is someone who can’t transact with gang money… right? I am asking because I am not an actual gang member, apparently just loosely, faintly adopted by more than one gang.

In the 1970s… my legal legitimate contacts were given money and it was STOLEN. When I was a child, maybe even again as a young adult… was TOLD to go to a specific person for money and when I asked, I got badly injured. More than once all I was doing was picking up a check to deliver to someone else. Wasn’t even money for me!

I beg of people… PLEASE STOP USING ME NOW. Phase out my name(s) in Hollywood, stop pretending I am GATE KEEPER… or KEY MASTER… or someone who has money sitting around somewhere… I have NO BACKROOM people moving money around. I got robbed blind and blindly a long time ago. I’m physically disabled and old now. I don’t even have a part time job at Walmart with cash available to just give children, a temple or church, non-profits or something, you know?