Ask the Janitor

Honestly, if society does not want to pay someone to be responsible, you cannot make them be.

For instance, if the janitor is running the corporation while mopping floors… They may never get real information and people and clout… To make good decisions. They can only be a friend to chat with.

I am NOW FULLY RETIRED from even being a “friend” of a corporation. I don’t want to talk to people about company business. Or politics. It just burned me.

I Can’t Handle Gang Monies

Not something I was planning on putting on my blog site, but I want gang/mafia business people to know I cannot take pay offs from them and then pay others. I am simply not protected enough. ALSO, I was supposed to WORK. I was the one who was supposed to work for money. Not take pay offs and sit around. There has been a conflict of interest and this has caused me and all kinds of people confusion. I’ve had amnesia from hits, what’s your excuses–people who may be laughing?

I was told at a very young age I could not be a rp dog, may have been by other rp dogs. They even called me a “cripple” back then. In gang language it meant I needed to work… but in normal people language it panicked me that they were going to actually cripple me! I may have said, “I’m no cripple!” It MEANT to me.. and others.. I wanted to work like average people! In the U.S. a cripple looks like someone who has to sit at home. But a gang cripple is someone who can’t transact with gang money… right? I am asking because I am not an actual gang member, apparently just loosely, faintly adopted by more than one gang.

In the 1970s… my legal legitimate contacts were given money and it was STOLEN. When I was a child, maybe even again as a young adult… was TOLD to go to a specific person for money and when I asked, I got badly injured. More than once all I was doing was picking up a check to deliver to someone else. Wasn’t even money for me!

I beg of people… PLEASE STOP USING ME NOW. Phase out my name(s) in Hollywood, stop pretending I am GATE KEEPER… or KEY MASTER… or someone who has money sitting around somewhere… I have NO BACKROOM people moving money around. I got robbed blind and blindly a long time ago. I’m physically disabled and old now. I don’t even have a part time job at Walmart with cash available to just give children, a temple or church, non-profits or something, you know?