The Big Chair

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I keep referring to “my [professional] identity” having been stolen, bought and sold, used by others. THINK OF IT… like a seat at an exclusive business club.

Alone I could not get the chair in the first place, it existed because of people bigger than me. I got to visit and sit in it briefly in life while very defamed and discredited. Personally, I couldn’t afford to keep the seat funded, nor did I have enough friends to tell others to leave it in place. I did help each person who sat in the chair in big or small ways with what I did have. Sure it happens to other small people. It is why I can’t do much in society. Big people sit in that chair all the time.

What is the seat labeled? I’m not certain what the name is these days for the paperwork. It could be under “Steven” or “Mike/Michael/Miguel” or “Donna” or “Sarah” and other possibilities.