Bye Bye to Hollywood!

I wish to say to Los Angelenos and Hollywood-ians and entertainment business people… thanks for having me around at all. Allowing me to visit at all! I am sorry it was not what I thought it would be. I do still enjoy motion pictures and tv programs you’ve created, produced etc. So keep on, keep on! 🙂

If ever I am in Hollywood on a back lot wandering around… please don’t hit me on the head… remind me to “go home”. I have been drugged in the past and didn’t know what I was doing!

Adding this on 7/26/23: I’m still waving! Reminding people I don’t have my own team, I am TOO SMALL to return. People who did know me decades ago have retired or other. Just not involved anymore themselves. Blessings to them also!

Being a Spirit Walker

“Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time…” (even then, must ‘time’ be killed or just ignored?)

This still is a mantra when I am around nature. I actually prefer the peace of nature than the metal and concrete of big cities. Okay? I am not “your Donna”. I am a spirit walker who will speak to people. That’s all I really was. Still am really. People have disrupted my thinking and spirituality and WALKING since my earliest days on Earth outside of the womb. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be angry or just irritated… or wondering… why is this?

I found this image without a copyright online. Please contact me if it is yours.