Coming to Kindle and Kindle Vella

I started writing on Twitter in 2019 or so, then moved into blogging here, Facebook and Linkedin. I haven’t been writing in school much, and not much for letter writing to people. Over the years I got pretty good at emails and started writing Rosh 3 and some other stuff around 2010, registering with the Writers Guild West Online Registry. It’s been good practice! In my childhood a famous WGA writer told me he wrote at least 4 hours a day. It blew my mind then and I knew HOW FAR WAY from doing something like that I was.

Decades later… Here I am. I write something significant daily and have for a couple of years now.

What’s up? Weekend Filmmaker is a non-fiction Kindle ebook I am self-publishing and is in pre-sale now on with a release date coming on November 1. << VIEW A PREVIEW OF THE BOOK >>

Minimalist artwork for the cover of Weekend Filmmaker on’s Kindle.

This first edition is the shortest and has no illustrations except for the required cover which I created myself. Next edition should be out May or June 2023 with some illustrations and a chapter exploring more tech stuff.

And now I am musing… Kindle Vella. I almost started writing something yesterday but the spark just wasn’t complete. NOW *!! ZAP!! I am thinking I may start a serial for Alife Code*. It may not be good at all, but I want to try it out. Just write off the cuff and see what happens. At worst I could just get to the point I just remove it from Kindle Vella and shelf it at home digitally. Honestly, there has been some energy in my soul about Neuromancer, a novel by William Gibson and that universe. How do I return to some of that… I may not be skilled enough for something that good, but out of guilty pleasure I may attempt my milk-toast/dull/humble beginner version. At worst I’ll make Bill’s work look fargn’ epic!

*Alife Code is an IP of mine registered in 2021. I wrote a little bit of the original idea here. Alife Code on

“A common good for all.”

That’s how I feel. People need to eat, learn, benefit, grow, produce, and reproduce in this world. If we can all try, and hope to be able find enough peace between us to keep our world turning, the air clean enough to breathe… enough food to feed us, enough communication and education to keep our minds wise and attentive to each other…

The human race may be around a very long time.