Coming to Kindle and Kindle Vella

I started writing on Twitter in 2019 or so, then moved into blogging here, Facebook and Linkedin. I haven’t been writing in school much, and not much for letter writing to people. Over the years I got pretty good at emails and started writing Rosh 3 and some other stuff around 2010, registering with the Writers Guild West Online Registry. It’s been good practice! In my childhood a famous WGA writer told me he wrote at least 4 hours a day. It blew my mind then and I knew HOW FAR WAY from doing something like that I was.

Decades later… Here I am. I write something significant daily and have for a couple of years now.

What’s up? Weekend Filmmaker is a non-fiction Kindle ebook I am self-publishing and is in pre-sale now on with a release date coming on November 1. << VIEW A PREVIEW OF THE BOOK >>

Minimalist artwork for the cover of Weekend Filmmaker on’s Kindle.

This first edition is the shortest and has no illustrations except for the required cover which I created myself. Next edition should be out May or June 2023 with some illustrations and a chapter exploring more tech stuff.

And now I am musing… Kindle Vella. I almost started writing something yesterday but the spark just wasn’t complete. NOW *!! ZAP!! I am thinking I may start a serial for Alife Code*. It may not be good at all, but I want to try it out. Just write off the cuff and see what happens. At worst I could just get to the point I just remove it from Kindle Vella and shelf it at home digitally. Honestly, there has been some energy in my soul about Neuromancer, a novel by William Gibson and that universe. How do I return to some of that… I may not be skilled enough for something that good, but out of guilty pleasure I may attempt my milk-toast/dull/humble beginner version. At worst I’ll make Bill’s work look fargn’ epic!

*Alife Code is an IP of mine registered in 2021. I wrote a little bit of the original idea here. Alife Code on