Felony Colony of the United States?

I’m apparently still be threatened with a felony for writings on Twitter and other social media since around 2019 or so. I’ve asked of the District Attorney to assign me a person TO HIRE to buddy me on posting and he/they and the court won’t. So the threat remains of me getting drugged regularly or they want to give me a felony. There is some history on this.

When I was a child, before even grade school… I was in Hawaii kidnapped by criminals escaped from Ukraine. Some were on “prison break” from a California and Honolulu prison and even KIDNAPPED ME to PRISON for more than one visit. Michelle Kirksey planned to keep me there with her people. I don’t know why. I don’t actually know them.

It looked like they wanted me to SWAP with another criminal who was there. An adult. But I was so many years younger they knew it wouldn’t work.

All these years I’ve been defamed and battered, very injured by criminals and I couldn’t leave the United States if I wanted to. REAL TERRORISTS threatened other countries of mrdrs.

I am just one of the talented Spielbergs from the 1970s. Some have been deported, some killed. Mrdrd. Even without any money attached to them. I may still be part of that group even though I don’t know people. I may even get mrdrd just so they can PRETEND they are stealing my money.

“Dead Poets Society”… I was nearly mrdrd just visiting a location with Robin Williams. Not removed from Hollywood, actually mrdrd.

I have testified online to who I am. Many have stolen my identity and will live on whether I do or not. Guess that’s how roads end. Guess that’s what it’s like to be a stolen child since you were born.

“A common good for all.”

That’s how I feel. People need to eat, learn, benefit, grow, produce, and reproduce in this world. If we can all try, and hope to be able find enough peace between us to keep our world turning, the air clean enough to breathe… enough food to feed us, enough communication and education to keep our minds wise and attentive to each other…

The human race may be around a very long time.