The Story of Talents

What if Jim Henson never left home and never got to Hollywood? What if the Muppets never sang in their movies? Talented people enrich lives, sometimes for decades, generations.

The story of talents is actually from the Christian Bible*, but likely written by Jews and edited by a variety of God fearing and not since then.

Without being religious about it, do you know what it is about?

It’s about learning about yourself, finding the gifts(notable abilities) you have, developing them and using them from then on. You don’t have to be a superstar. Just use your talents.

In our world, it is preferred we use them for good things.

The world and other people nearby may not be able to pay you for using them, but it doesn’t mean you should bury them.

*There may be other similar stories in other books and religions.

In The Dark

I was on sets for Poltergeist and The Shining. Friday the 13th, even met Freddy Krueger , was a stand-in on Saw. And more. I get what horror movies are about. I gave some ideas for them, in person. Rumor has it even though they were abusive, the little men from Los Angeles did not want me to say the word m-rder, so I said how about “REDRUM”?

What about The Dark is the average human being most afraid of?

I just figured it out this evening. It’s the level, the scale of the unknown. The amount of darkness is just a visual representation of the lack of knowledge in proportion to the importance of needing to know. I may have just written the formula for a horror moment. That’s how we build suspense in a movie, we tease with ideas visual and other(just a creaking sound or a water droplet, then we slowly reveal… ever slowly… BANG!!! Bats fly all around us! IT’S CHAOS OF NOISE AND SHRIEKING AND LIGHT AND DARKNESS MOVING SO RAPIDLY FASTER THAN WE CAN BLINK!!!

Does an epiphany hit you like that? Or an inspiration? That’s good.

But it is The Dark that worries us all. That lack of knowledge about something is like walking down wooden stairs in a dark old house and not having time to check if the next stair will bear weight. We could make it through a situation just fine, stairs are stairs… same size, keep the same size step and you can go down or up a flight with your eyes closed. But what if you couldn’t hear your footsteps, and you didn’t know how many stairs there are, and your legs are cold and numb…

It’s The Dark. We all need to worry about it. The Dark is LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.


What if you knew how to “drive a car” and you got in, drove up a hill and on the downhill slope you FORGOT how to use the brakes?

What if a small crowd of people came up to you and gave you 10 minutes of information from various sources and they all missed one key thing and you began to make a decision, turned to look at them, turned back and finalized it… and the shuttle… up in orbit… skipped on the atmosphere and careened into a unregistered prototype from another nation that was too close and spying… causing a fireball and a bright screen of catastrophe and everyone in the room stopped breathing to watch… Oh, we had a moment… of The Dark we… didn’t address?

Do you cry? Think of the bright light of failure? Or The Dark that you overlooked. Were you cocky? Was it too simple a possibility that another aircraft was nearby? What goes in your next Dark? Your hate of failure or what you actually missed. At what point is damage control, or dinner?

People will continue to look at the dazzling failure on the screen. Some are not used to looking at it and want to find truth, hope. You have your back turned to the screen, wishing no one else was standing the room. You know what it all really means. The whole universe. You have a great mind, but in the moment you let others give you the information and answers. And they were not as educated nor prepared. What excuse will you give? You… blinked?

What do you see here? How about a man who can see at night and has no fear? That is the vision. The idea. “What path is yours, and which do you seek?”

What’s a Foonk?

First 3D printing completed. It is using the least expensive plastic with little/no error correction at the professional 3D printing company. Holding it in my hand I can see what I need to adjust so much easier. This is fun! Not sure it is something other people would want, but I’m looking forward to a future finished version for use at home and travel.

Looks like a soft foam, but it is a tough plastic.
Found an unused wrist strap from something else and it fits fine for this. I may enlarge the loop on the Foonk so that it can use a bigger strap or clip.

Original post:
Stay tuned… This, “foonk” has already gone to the 3D printers for a test!

Screenshot of a Blender 3D model in progress.
I registered it via the WGA Registry Online. It’s not the same as the U.S. Copyright Office, but they still will have it in their database which generates a certificate, email and your work is timestamped. I DO NOT send people to the WGA to research what I have created. You shouldn’t either. They are not the Library of Congress.

This just arrived today: My first 3D print order ever! It’s a straw kit. A straw, holder, even a lemon seed filter. I had assumed the plastic would be weak so I overbuilt it. It looks cool, kinda chunky. A good first try at it. Likely if I remake it for metal printing it’ll be a lot slimmed down/elegant perhaps. Pixelminion was a name I created well over a decade ago for a handle on a 3D forum when I was first learning modeling via Cinema 4D. For now I am just hobbying along. No big plans. This straw kit is available on TurboSquid for download. I used Use this code: vtxa7p (Get 15% off!)

Photograph taken on a RED Hydrogen One this afternoon.
Just a typical water goblet glass, tap water, black background set up in my kitchen.
Image adjustments, cropping, retouching in Adobe Photoshop.

This is a close up of the parts. You can see the fine bumpy texture. I ordered these without any post processing, a print as-is to see how it comes out.

Natural white plastic, printed as-is, no post processing like cleaning or polishing.
Screenshot as designed in Blender 3D last month.

Update! (November 10, 2021)
Created some page clips for my creative book. Work like book marks, just smaller. These are first prints, not finalized. I’m using them now, but I imagine I could have metal ones created for others’ uses.

Kinda cute! The clips are not perfect, but I didn’t pay for smoothing.
Arrived in the mail today, out of the box and here they are!

the Human Kernel Panic

It’s that moment, or time when a person realizes their world isn’t what they thought it was and all that information they’ve based their life on wasn’t entirely correct for what is needed to continue their life as it was. So the person just stops, maybe even over reacts, panics or shuts down for a while. Their eyes may not be blue screens of death, but their inner machine and clock stops momentarily to witness: “This isn’t right, this is not what I expected.” Also known to me in street talk as the: “Oh sh-t moment” –but this tends to be more humorous and easier understood and fixable.

Are your feet no longer on the ground? Is there no ground, only sky now?

Well, if people’s inner machines, clocks have blown up and they are picking up the pieces, just realize you may not need all those pieces. Just enough to keep your individuality so you can move on. Could even be one piece. Maybe it is time for a spring cleaning in your life any way?

I’m studying a little bit of mindfulness right now, but I hold steady on the importance of “meaningfulness”. I believe most people glance over too much in their lives. Do not give enough credit to some very important moments in life that have actually affected them in permanent ways. If they had slowed down and really considered what was going on and what could happen with small changes in the events unfolding, even fleeting interpretations, they may have had different lives all together. Sometimes a nod can change your whole path, as could separately undermining a strategy or agenda that may have been more profitable or wholesome.

I’ve witnessed too many people with commitments to destruction, big and small. The ones I am thinking about destroyed their own lives too.

There is nothing wrong with having your own human kernel panic. See if you can learn from it, and reboot your mind to a revised operating system. There were probably too many conflicts, too much corruption in the system for it to run smoothly. If you are panicking, others may be too. The safest way to approach fixing this blue screen of death is to carefully remove the more invasive hacks and revert to a more stable, out-of-the-box, stock, normal system. If you are into cars, that may mean taking your street rod closer back to a stock suspension, or removing that high tech turbo unit that is too extreme for the engine, or going back to a regular than a mix for racing.

If you having software/hardware connection problems within the system, it could have too many aliases. Do you what that means? Short cuts.

Is the hard drive slow? Does it appear your system has random crashes? Have you considered all those hacked programs for speed or to circumnavigate legitimate licensing has caused damage throughout the filesystem, onboard databases, memory management?

Right. In our real world, friends of Neo, we have too many false identities, too many frauds. A fraud human being is like using a box for step, but it is made of cardboard and will collapse. A non-fraud human being is more solid and reliable. On a computer system, an “alias” or “short cut” is simply a LINK. It is not the program itself. We need fewer aliases in Hollywood, more genuine human beings.

Genuine human beings, that are not frauds have fewer operating system issues, may rarely kernel panic. Reliability is good for business, isn’t it?

Yes, this is very opinionated. But I felt like writing it just in case it helps someone somewhere. If it doesn’t help you in some way, hopefully you can write something better for us all sometime.

Dare to Dream

Block everything else out, take the time, own the moment… It’s be real in your mind if you can leave out OTHER PEOPLE’s MINDS. Really, that when you know it is YOURS. YOUR MOMENT.

How do you practice dreaming? It’s easier than you think. First you’ll have to stop absorbing everything that is immediately around you. Then think of a memory you can recall well. Within that memory, CHANGE IT. Add a person, a bird, a car, dialog or monologue that wasn’t there when it actually happened. Imagine different people saying the lines, change the clothes, change the ending…

And that is how you BEGIN. Good luck.

It’s late, but I wanted to be a part of my normal self. Back to dreaming, making, creating, existing elsewhere and in the same place. Good night, and enjoy your new beginnings. You can change them any time you want to.

Not me, but it is something I’d do.

the Trouble with Terrorism

Some of my favorite episodes of Star Trek, any series was with the Trouble with Tribbles. I wish this was a warm and fuzzy post, it is not. Stop here and skip it if you don’t like this sort of conversation.

Without giving you a lot of detail, let me impart that I have met and been “messed up” by real terrorists. The definition is usable on anyone who behaves just like the ones in movies and television. Those stereotypes are fairly accurate, with the exception the terrorists I crossed paths never had one stand out as a comedic break in the scene or story, they were all very serious.

What I discovered in the real “terrorist” persona is that they were pushed, they were at a wits end to become the person who is more intimate with their automatic weapon of death than ANYTHING ELSE in this world we exist in, even their own bodies are treated lessor. I have witnessed terrorists take better care of their weapons than their own bodies. Does this sound profound? That’s may be how different they are to you and I, unless you are a terrorist reading this. I understand why their tools of destruction and power are so important. Every terrorist I met “in the field” had a death wish on their head. There was someone or a group who wanted them dead. Some may have just felt this because they had so many former loved ones murdered by themselves in a rage or by other lunatics.

What is the “terrorist mind”? This may surprise even a terrorist. They were terrorized first. That is the only way they could become a genuine terrorist, they were terrorized first. Part of their growth into being a terrorist is getting over having been terrorized. That’s what made some of them so committed and tough. Pain and loss. They’ve already experienced it long before they murdered someone themself.

What makes terrorists so dangerous is their fear of being terrorized by others. Their fear is greater than the average person who NEVER has been terrorized. They’ve either experienced terrorism upon their own body and mind, or have seen it up close and personal enough–meaning some just witnessed it in childhood when they were the most emotionally vulnerable. Some may have been abused and repeatedly until they broke in childhood or adulthood. Not everyone breaks though. Long time terrorists know they don’t need to break every one they meet. Some even volunteer to be evil. Others, just are not good potential terrorists even if you break them.

Terrorists are tough. That is undeniable. Some are also very intelligent people. Some have been thrown in situations for a long time they had to react in, others sought fighting and controversy.

The common desire for a “terrorist” is CONTROL. The ones I’ve met were in a constant state of not having enough control. Something in their life was GONE, a key that would allow them to have a normal life of having a job, family, a home and a steady easy future. I have met many criminals, who had already blown off being a good citizen for the rest of their lives. They had already committed to being dangerous to others, in big or small ways. Forever. Why they were doing this is varied. Money, or to stay in a city, or country, or to keep the life they have. Something desperate enough that they’d give up their humanity forever and taint their own life to be one with Satan or the devil, or evil itself. I could go on with the names of evil entities but I think you understand what I am saying. Terrorists have given up their humanity, willingly. And that’s what’s scary about them. They made a conscious decision to do it. They even force themselves to stick with it.

That is the Trouble with Terrorism. It is a choice usually by someone who doesn’t want to be injured. They go to great extremes to protect themselves, to the point of damaging anyone who could potentially be a threat. They exist for being on the offense, not so much the defense. They think ahead and strike, damage, undermine, pull the rug out from, disable, destroy things before they can be a conceivable problem for them. But what happens when the terrorists don’t do the right thing even for themselves? Or if they are NOT good at strategy and prediction? Some of the more expendable ones have had itchy fingers and made excuses later. They may not have wanted to think, and just “removing unwanted” things… oh such as people, has become too commonplace. Are they being self-destructive? Are they using terrorism to get back and be vengeful? Some do. I think the reality of the “average” terrorist is that they are an injured person… who is not healing.

In the animal world, injured animals are the most dangerous. They’ll even destroy relatives, or pack members they need.

In the case of Star Trek’s tribbles, when there is readily available food they’ll eat constantly and multiply until the resources dwindle and they start to die off again. They can’t steal more of something that does not exist. In the end they’ll either start eating each other, or remain vegetarian and die of starvation. Tribbles in the Star Trek universe are used for terrorism against a food supply on a starship or elsewhere. They will keep eating and multiplying until all the food is gone. Do you know of any “human tribbles” in the United States? Humans tend to want money more than food. Human tribbles tend to terrorize indiscriminately: doesn’t matter how good or bad, how smart or dumb, beautiful or ugly a target is. They feed on grief of others, fortify themselves with stolen possessions.

Thankfully, most real United States citizens work hard for their money and are not terrorists–they don’t need to be. The United States was originally built by people from all kinds of nations–SEEKING WORK. Seeking to EARN a better way of life they could not get elsewhere. Secondarily, immigrants wanted to be able to study and be able to honor the religion(s) they wished to hold dear–it was mostly Christianity in a variety of forms. The U.S.A. was deemed a land of OPPORTUNITY for BUSINESS. It was not by design, still is not a place of pure leisure. That’s why U.S. citizens are not normally (and it is illegal to be) a terrorist. They…WE… do not live for vengeance and thievery, those are NOT main focuses here. That’s why terrorism is not a welcome thing. Terrorists appear to be lazy, angry people who steal wealth through force, not work and dedication. Very stand out un-American!

Captain Kirk of Star Trek: the Original Series looks exasperated with all the tribbles! When there are just a few of them, they are cute. But hundreds of thousands potentially eating their way through all the stored food can cause a shortage!

A Balanced Global Economy

Finding the combination of wealth, poverty and “insecurities management” may help us balance the world business economy so that it is always working and providing, never in an emergency crash(world-wide or local to certain countries) nor brazen surplus either.

Growing up watching the news here in the United States and just learning as I went always surprised me the extremes the economy took just in our own country. I have NOT spent much time studying the details that links us to the world other than the basics of foreign policy, trade, money exchange and some politics too. I am NOT an expert at all, but I DO know the meaning of what legal and illegal control is, and the power of creativity in fictional stories. The ability to change things is always available to us, all of us the human race globally and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, we should think about it more often, what it really means. I’m going to suggest it myself, how to look at it.

The non-politician’s view of politics. A lot of big-mouthed people jockeying for media attention and clout through the money and power of lobbyists with a whole lot of people standing behind and around. Then they get precision with the highest courts and leaderships we’ve voted on, or in other countries put up with after they forced themselves in. How do we rig this all in our favor? No, not the public’s favor. Those who are in the seemingly high places, seen and unseen in the media. They are constantly trying to rig the economy they exist in… local and global, in their favor. Remember that one.

Why is the business economy important? Without it societies would probably fall into some sort of distorted anarchy and chaos. There are people in small and big places, real and fraudulent ones trying to control some part of it so they look important, so they matter. Politicians and not. Even the child with the lemonade stand in the neighborhood is trying to hold onto a part of the overall economy, but just acting locally, very locally and niche.

After all this foundation in this blog post I am bringing you to this: A BALANCED WORLD ECONOMY, in total, complete, ongoing. Why isn’t this a goal? Why do we have extremes? Why don’t we have buffers, backups, reserves so that huge swings in funding and financing don’t affect any large groups, companies or countries even a single house hold negatively?

This is not far off from my other post on A World Plan. It is about thinking globally and treating the world business economy like one big business. The business of existence of the human race. Is there a reason we can’t think like this and work harder toward making it a reality instead of just something to laugh at in the bathroom during a corporate business convention?

* Note, this is NOT a suggestion of world communism. I am not saying there should not be levels of wealth from extremely poor to extremely wealthy.

TEEN FAST in Development


Well, I never got paid or credited for Fast and Furious, so I am creating Teen Fast from scratch on my own. I’m envisioning either a single season television series then move to the big screens of theaters or just start with a single movie called Teen Fast and go from there like the Fast and Furious movie series. I have the broad strokes and core of it already created. I hope to hire some talented WGA writers in the future for it. In the mean time, just making notes, thinking on it.

(stock photos for making notes)

Flesh and Bone – The Earth Keepers

My whole life I have studied people and all kinds things around us all. And that’s just one perspective. I look for answers to questions most people don’t even bother thinking about, let alone asking.

Here is an answer I came up with the other day after traveling in various ways, many hundreds of miles.

Our human bodies were NOT designed for fighting. We are mostly soft flesh held up by mostly hollow, and definitely porous bones. We are not naturally armored nor posses a weapon built in. Look at your own hands. They are soft, no barbs or spikes. Human genitals are soft too and naturally very sensitive–they are not weapons. We are covered in skin that can be burned by just sunlight. Our bodies are sensitive to hot and cold. We bleed easily.

The human body has evolved and is by design a listener to the world around us. We have a mind and physical senses to understand what makes the Earth what it is and what we have to do to keep ourselves and it alive in the most optimal way.

Our bodies are not designed to attack each other. We are not battle animals. We are Earth keepers. Understanding the bodies we have, we understand all the life around us. ALL of it. We understand plants and wild animals, the micro organisms in the sea, the molecules we breath in and out.

Think about what I just wrote. I hope you can remember your true humanity before your life ends. Some of you may only have minutes, some decades.

Some flesh partying at the beach.

This is a first draft, subject to change. I just wanted to see it written out as it is, the core of what I was thinking in the moment.

SYNN cards

Update (Nov 2021): Both SYNN Cards and SYNN Cards Gaming are now registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and the new downloadable official games are available. Please visit the web site itself for more information

Original post:
The prototype new SYNN cards are here at home! Subtle hint provided in image below. First edition ready product should be on and/or its own web site by November this year so people can start buying these as holiday gifts. Please don’t copy these, I already submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office. What are they? A deck of sins. Like flash cards. Great for children and adults. Inspired by religious and non-religious sources.

Stylized photo of the very first deck printed.
Update 8/27/21. New matte(non-gloss) printed deck arrived today. It feels so nice to hold the whole deck in my hand and know I am not currently doing over 40+ sins. (Put the image through Photoshop so you can’t just print these out)