“ANGRY ME” – Mis-Identified Too Often in the 1970s+, I was not hired.

I just put something together after all this time. I want people to read this. I pray it helps people figure out WHAT HAPPENED.

ANGRY ME. Here is why.

The name “Steven Spielberg” was created by me IN FRONT OF M. Spielberg when I was VERY VERY YOUNG. It was my new professional name. But I had NO INTENTION of being a porn star. I was identified as a talented co-director even in childhood…but they KEPT ME AWAY FROM PORN. THEY DID NOT WANT ME TO BE A PORN DIRECTOR. They knew me. I guess others misread things.

M. Spielberg and her people likely created a MALE DIRECTOR off the name to replace me right away.

DUE TO TERRORISM… the people who knew me personally… probably were terrorized as I was also in the 1970s.

Those were not my own people. I was kidnapped to be around them.

I strongly encourage people to find out if Universal Pictures bought out porn producers in the 1970s. Their studio or their group, and/or their content and intellectual properties. The difficulty is… I was NOT actually part of the deal. If I was, I’d know a lot of people and they’d know me. I’d also be working regularly and making money. If I was retired, I would have had a verifiable WORK HISTORY.