“Sasha’s Daughter” – I’m NOT the Actual Woman

I have a faint memory on this, but I believe I am the replacement for the one who was mrdrd in the 1970s for her money. I was just to be used as a replacement woman, but without money.

I’ve been called “Sasha’s Daughter” many times in life and I told people, “NO! My father was Lincoln!” And they would beat me up and drug me… and some Ukrainian man or woman would take my place.

I feel the Sasha’s Daughter I was supposed to be used for was actually Russian Jew(or was he actually Yugoslavian?)… which is a problem for many in the U.S. who HATE Russian Jews. I fear I fell victim to haters and people who snooped me tried to make me the missing…but dead…Sasha’s real daughter… the one with money. That IS NOT WHO I AM. I may have truly crossed paths with her before she was killed. I never got her money, but I know some people wanted to pretend I had it. They wanted to use me in the ways she would have if she were not killed… but… they forgot something… I NEVER HAD MONEY ATTACHED… not like SHE DID. BIG DIFFERENCE. I was just a stand in for a dead person. Not to be an actual, 100% exact replacement. THEN… people kept stealing my identity and I’ve actually seen BLOND MEN claiming to be “Sasha’s Daughter”. I didn’t know what that meant. Did they get beaten up for me? Were they robbed because my family was already in a FORCED poverty?

I don’t think the original Sasha.. a MAN.. wanted me to be destroyed. I could be wrong. If I am not someone with money anyway.. what is the reason to destroy me? Is this the reason some people thought I was a Russian Jew or had family who were? I have not been given much guidance in life. Feel I was hugely MIS-USED by evil people. They may not look so good these days, knowing “what could have been”… will never be now.

I have no money for anyone. People right now are actually trying to recreate people and conditions around the time I was swapped in as a Sasha’s Daughter in the 1970s. It is a HUGELY FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE. I am stalked and snooped by people SEEKING MONEY… and here I was just supposed to be a bright child, a bright, intelligent woman… to chat with. That’s about it.

I could have been just a “human chat bot” for people. More than one Mike used me for it in the 1970s.

*** A WARNING ***

I know very few people in person. Maybe a few hundred online I’ve met once or twice in life. I AM NOT having regular meetings, conversations about ideas, creative works or politics. I feel it is VERY POSSIBLE I am being snooped for ideas and content. THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS and VERY UNNECESSARY and also a complete waste of time and money if some ideas are followed up on! What you need to realize is that SNOOPERS may have felt “empowered” and “more important” than me when I was younger and/or ill and off by myself. Simply grabbing ideas and running off with them. I may not have had anything cool or interesting for MONTHS at a time, so they may have grabbed ideas that were NOT GOOD AT ALL. May have been twisted criminal too by angry unpaid snoopers.

I don’t know the snoopers. They are not my people. I do not get phone calls confirming anything I talk about. They may pretend I said them some of the time, other times they may give the ideas to others who know(or don’t) I am being snooped. But NO ONE, all these decades… has called me up on the phone and confirmed ANYTHING I spoke of to myself or others. The DANGER here is… others may have created fiction and I wouldn’t know if they did or didn’t. I’ve been a VICTIM OF HITS… injuries, hate crimes… and I mostly have minded my own business at home! Right now I am being snooped and stalked. NO ONE is calling me up and asking, “Did you really say this???” I have said it OUT LOUD recently… “No one has permission for using my SNOOPED CONTENT, if you get into trouble for using it… IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT.”

It’s very frustrating for me because I have essentially shut down being too creative for now on because I was asked by some crime lords decades ago to do this. “There won’t be money left for the new IPs anyway.” Is what I was told. But freelance snoopers and stalkers may STILL be hoping to get free content ideas–good ones and bad ones… they don’t discern at all! What’s bad is they may be forcing them on Hollywood people to use just so they can make money as SNOOPERS. Not because the ideas could make money in various places. It may be a very criminal “food chain”. The ideas may or may not have come from me and I could get injury hits if the ideas make money or if they cause people to go bankrupt developing them.

Not a Ukrainian

Hello all, I know Ukrainians have come to the U.S. over the decades and needed help. I may have even been asked to “stand in” for one or more of them. But it wasn’t a good idea to continue to do this with me and my body. I GOT UKRAINIAN hits put upon me. It looked like I was causing people grief from “my marching orders”. NOT FAIR AT ALL. I was not even spoken to much about their lives. In my childhood I may have been VERY CONFUSED why people claiming to be Ukrainian WERE HARMING ME. Some say they were trying to extort money by threatening even to kll me. PLEASE DON’T EVER DO THIS AGAIN. I am not actually one of your peoples. All the damage to my body and life has NOT BE FAIRLY, JUSTLY… given to me.

As a child I wanted to help people. No one was REQUIRED to listen to me(unless their own people did this–I didn’t). I’ve never been under contract as a spokesperson or even “hired leadership”–which is actually more an INDIA thing… a group of people HIRE a leader. In the U.S. we VOTE for them, or that’s how it is supposed to go. But that HIRED LEADERSHIP is supposed to be protected! Not left out for anyone to visit and injure just because they had a bad day or were on drugs and ended up at the wrong address begging for money.

Please, in this world of “gender associations”.. can people accept “group associations”? I actually associate MORE with Hawaii people and Yugoslavians who are not wealthy. I have a decent mind, but I and my family were not protected enough over the decades so we couldn’t get wealthy. Without enough wealth, we really cannot help others with money. We can only be nice and try to help others spiritually.

I believe in the 1970s some Hawaii(?) and California(?) people.. possibly even from out of country hired Ukrainians and Koreans to “copy me”. However, I was NEVER given money to pay people. Mafia and gangs stole monies from my family before we made any significant money even in normal, legal ways.

I shouldn’t be so isolated and without contacts, but it may be because many moved on because I was so attacked and robbed throughout my life. Not possible to protect me enough. I wanted to have a normal-ish life, out in public with other people. So I can’t have a lot of money to my name. I can’t even have auto-payments for fear someone may kll me for them.

Long ago, some people may have been snooped and PRETENDED my whole family was Ukrainian. I think more than one relative was an adopted Ukrainian. It looks like was also given some Ukrainian grandparents, but they were poor people. It didn’t make me Ukrainian. All these years it wasn’t on my mind at all who I was connected to. But these days I realize HOW IMPORTANT it is to recognize what may have been misunderstood.

It appears my main “job” for a larger group of people ended up being to help them understand U.S. citizens and English speakers. I didn’t have to be a part of Hollywood to do this, but it may have carried my ideas further than if I just wrote things online. “False relatives” in Los Angeles and Honolulu may have called me Ukrainian, Indian even Korean and other things. The trouble was though… they often appeared CRIMINAL and want to steal money from me, not help me with a job or career! Please be aware they may still exist.