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Though a San Diego resident since 2013, got into long term trouble with the L.A. courts and law enforcement because of my careless writings in the year 2020. I was admittedly upset from MANY things and I got too funky, too grumpy, even came across as threatening. I’ve “learned my lesson” and feel capable of being more tactful and focused on better things.

To show my commitment to BEING GONE from Hollywood forever, I am promising my Twitter account to non-Hollywood topics. Even a renewed commitment to San Diego County where I reside. Not sure yet if I want to pay for Twitter Blue as I am supposed to be a retiree-looking person.

I humbly and cordially invite nice people to my place on Twitter as “SarahLusorSpielberg” with the handle

“A common good for all.”

That’s how I feel. People need to eat, learn, benefit, grow, produce, and reproduce in this world. If we can all try, and hope to be able find enough peace between us to keep our world turning, the air clean enough to breathe… enough food to feed us, enough communication and education to keep our minds wise and attentive to each other…

The human race may be around a very long time.