Can you imagine a beautiful wild horse out in the wilderness and two people watch it. One crouches low and partially hides themselves and is quiet just to witness the sight. The other pulls out a gun, shouts loudly and shoots a leg causing it to limp forever…

Two kinds of humans.

Which is natural?

One is actually human. The other a nemesis on our Earth. This is programming. You can accept it or ignore it. One kind of human wants life to live. The other wants to control, stunt, damage, ruin.

Which kind of human is “impressive”?

This is Picasso, a famous wild horse. For more information here is an article. The HOLY GRAIL of America’s wild horses.

Posting about this fine wild horse because he is well known. An example of a wild animal who lived into its prime and beyond! From what I read, even people from other countries traveled to see him in the wild.