The One Swimming Pool in a Desert Town

(short story, written live on Twitter/X on 12/29/2023)…

A small town of 50 people in the desert lands of the USA… there is a drought, it is hottest time in summer. The residents have ONE SWIMMING POOL. Here are some things that come up at the town meeting. I wish you all to think about them. Answer for yourself!

  1. Let’s all stay out of the pool and charge a lot of money at the hotel, even make a new RV park and bring MORE people to our oasis!

  2. Let’s pretend there is no pool, and tell everyone outside of town how dismal it is here… then WE ALL SHARE THE POOL, take care of it, and ourselves.

  3. Let’s sell the town with the pool and leave. Maybe with the money we can live in a small town where it is cold and no pool is needed.

What is your thought?

What if this small town is the illustration of a WHOLE COUNTRY, and the “pool” is all the resources it has.

This started out as a story idea, then to keep it very short it became a theoretical situation like a brain tease. Play on!