New Game Map for Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector “Island Paradise” or “Fish Island”?

I don’t have the drawings yet, but being a fan of the game now and then I am working out an idea for a new map for the popular smartphone game. Can’t help myself! I will later post some things in this blog post. I am NOT AN EMPLOYEE nor other associated. Just doing it for fun. I am calling it “Island Paradise” today… but may change it later. The idea is a fishing shack on a beach! I intend to put STUFF on the map that includes things little kitties would hang out on, as well as at the shack itself. I grew up within a mile to a few miles of at least one beach and also spent time on various Pacific Ocean islands. So I can completely do this from experience. Owning a cat? Yes, for sure. Visiting with feral cats? YES, that too! Fishing with a pole or net? YOU BET. Stay tuned!

Other names I am considering: “To to Shima” or “Fish Island”, also I see “Tendō” means “heaven”. It could be “To to Tendo” or “Fish Heaven”? I’ll have to get with a real Japanese person to help me with this. I actually never did study Japanese as a language, but definitely considered it.

Here is the first overall sketch(blurred, obscured in Photoshop) of “Fish Island”! I’ll reveal more in a few months. Sooner if I get inspired. I am not 100% certain this is the final layout. It is fun though! I have hot spots for Goodies and Food, scenic background, foreground and middle ground artwork. Some details such as objects/prop artwork roughed in. In my actual sketch I’ve even put in some kitties lounging around on cushions.

“Fish Island/Totoshima Sketch”(obscured in Photoshop) Copyright ©2022 Sarah Lusor Spielberg