A Brief Testimony

I’ve actually written a lot about what went on in my life in recent years. Instead of a novel, I wrote posts on Facebook and Linkedin. Some of them were heated and angry because I cannot praise evils put upon me and others. Wish I could have spoken more about the good things I was a part of, but then I’d be telling too much of my involvement with Hollywood. Can’t tell people what I contributed; may have done it through others and they are known for the things involved. I was a ghost creative, to be certain. But my human body took a pounding to participate. It was a journey that began in my childhood without a contract.

From Linkedin and Facebook today:

Giving testimony to my life.
What happened.
Why am I and who I am now.

I helped others use my name(s) in L.A. and elsewhere. I didn’t see another option when I was so damaged decades ago.

In the Christian religion, it looks like I carried a cross for many years, sometimes people put flowers on my head instead of thorns.

I’m supposed to be released now. No longer carrying a cross and wearing thorns. But my body is fatigued and still injured. Probably will be the rest of my life.