Retired Like a Hobbit?

The thing about Hobbits(and other creatures)… is that once they’ve done all their adventures and are too “spent”… they have to sit at home with the village and just do small things. The new adventures are for younger people and they have to experience them for themselves! Sitting around hearing old stories is not adventuring and trying out things in the world.

Woohoo! I am back in a village again myself. Have been a while.

Take Me Out of the Ball Game

When I was very young, people asked me to ADOPT THEM at a COMPANY… not out of my personal low wealth. However, gangsters wanted to be BIGGER THAN me and my family… so they did that: Created companies and hired their own favorites. Okay? I got the bench at the ball game. Sometimes the big people chatted with me because I was an avid watcher and really “into the sport” itself, more than the politics and personal conflicts.

I have to RETIRE from even the bench now. It got too dangerous a long time ago, even now I’ve had to drag my old body up to Los Angeles for court hearings about me COMPLAINING about gang hits that injured me while “visiting from the bench”. Okay? Time to leave the ball park. Others want the bench seats anyway, okay? OKAY? Thanks for the fun, I’ve loved watching people play, living vicariously through publicly known stories.