The Neighborhoods Surrounding Places of Worship and Teachings

Neighborhoods that are surrounding places of worship and teachings should be worthy of the church, temple and school. I believe, it is in my faith of the world I live in, that people and animals that live close to such a place should live by the same rules and laws and teachings. Walking distance? Within the distance of hearing.. music or bell?

Typically, even though not a law or statute… it is common that schools for children are surrounded by neighborhood that is very accommodating for them. The community will try to keep out sexual offenders, criminals, adult themed gathering places and are generally more family-oriented.

Am I suggesting a “themed neighborhood”?

I could be! Here is the reason. It helps peace of mind. Really. When a human being is surrounded by familiar things and shares a commonness with others there is less reason to be on guard and more reason to be at ease.

still writing…