Master Gambler Trump on Trial?

Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump, photo owned by U.S. Government
and The People of the United States.

Today Donald Trump, former U.S. president got found guilty of a list of charges that total to a possible four years in prison and fines. This is historical! Not everyone is from the United States and I am writing on the perspective of someone who is. This man appears to have been really pushed through a lot on the way to the White House and is still having to deal with the fallout, collateral damage. He is getting thrown under the bus in a very legal way. This is so typical in the U.S. to put gangsters and mafia people on trial. People like to know what happened, what went on and the speculation about things the public will never learn about.

I wish to dis-spell some fears some Trump supporters may have. This kind of man does not die easily. Even if sentenced to prison time, he is the kind who will make the best of it. It may even keep him from being assassinated by very angry past associates. He may be even more protected and shielded than a working U.S. president and maybe he can get some things cleaned up for people. There is even a possibility he won’t have to sit in a Federal prison and get a private U.S. government facility more suitable for his character.

The games most gangsters and mafia play do not stop with prison time or a conviction. Change of venue won’t stop the machines of their contacts and businesses. How things are handled, may change.

I’ve not been on any Trump staff so I have no NDA nor insider information.

Who is Donald Trump?

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It’s Like Having a Rabbi Friend…

A short allegory.

One day you get thrown in jail. Instead of reaching out for help or finding a good connection through others… you have that friend rabbi framed and thrown in prison with you. So there they are, in the cell next to you, locked in as you are. They stare at you… and stare… and you sit in your cell thinking.., then say: “Can you help me now?”

The rabbi responds, “What do you want me to do? I lost my job, my family divorced me, and society abandoned me because they think I killed someone.”

You the one in jail who needed the rabbi… looks around, sees rabbi.. now there to talk to almost 24/7… that’s a joyful thing..(now you are comrades!) then you look outside the jail cells where a guard paces by and you realize… “Oh yeah, would have been better if you were on that side of the bars and visiting, huh?”

[ Me: Yeah. ]

The worst part of this story is that this is likely happening EVERY DAY to someone. People kidnapped or forced to join a gang, or forced to live in a country they don’t want to be in. Forced to take a job they don’t want. Even non-criminals and criminals forced to get certain prisons and people. I’m sure it goes on and on.