Lesson of Three Birds

A bird takes another bird into a bird house then leaves that bird there, locks the door behind and flies off.

A long time later, a bird returns and looks into the cage from the outside, peeps “Why are you not full of food and fed? You look unhappy. I’ll be back and get you some food and water.” Bird leaves, comes back and gives some to the bird in the house. The uncertain bird hops to the cage edge and the food and water dropped in.

A third bird, big one… flies in, chases off the delivery bird and breaks open the cage, gobbles the food, knocks over the caged bird and flies off.

The truth illustrated here is… human beings can be as dumb as birds. Typically, the ones who are the most free and able to fly, must help the ones they’ve locked up. Shouldn’t be stealing from them. This lesson speaks of a lack of balance. Firstly, the bird in the cage could have had a door that was open so they could help themself. Then the average bird didn’t attend its own duties to help the bird in the cage. In the end, the big bird could have easily ignored it all because it can get much bigger food for itself, even given leftovers to the one in the cage. The big bird could have even opened the cage door and all three left the scene.


There is a commotion.

A small bird is grossly attacked, injured as it tries to flee. Wings broken, leg too. Head injury. A force puts it in a cardboard box. All the birds surrounding are peeping frantically as if they feel the injured bird needs help! Some food and water are left, and the force leaves. Before the injured bird can get enough energy and wake up enough from the black out to crawl across the box floor, the peeping attack birds jump into the box and steal the food and water.


The peeping birds leave the box, and the injured bird wakes up enough to eat some crumbs and suck on the water drops still left. Then it falls asleep.

Nearby the peeping birds entertain the force. And the force gives them a big bowl of food and water. The force looks into the card board box and sees the injured, near death bird appears to have eaten and drank. Left a mess! What a pig!

Any humans want me to keep going? You know this happens to human beings. Instead of a lesson told, what would you think about the small bird? Was it attacked because it was by itself and smaller than the other birds? Was it pretty, nice, carried a melody? What was the motivation of the attack? Did the peeping birds imitate its likeness prior to the attack, while it lay in a box dying?