How NOT a Money Person I Was for Hollywood!

I’ve written on this before. It needs to be very clear to Los Angelenos and San Diegans… even Honolulu’s WHY I will NEVER EVER BE BACK to L.A. for a film or tv production.

I had to get enough memory back to be reminded of WHAT HAPPENED when I showed up in L.A. to help as a professional film person. I did get ganged up and and pushed around and away from people I needed to talk to… then coerced to helping complete strangers. It didn’t end well FOR THEM! I think some people got arrested outside of my view and awareness. IT IS NOT WORTH IT TO ME NOR PEOPLE IN L.A. for me to show up. I AM NOT GANGSTER ENOUGH and that’s who needs to be in those kinds of positions. I NEVER HAD ENOUGH OF MY OWN “PEOPLE” OR “STAFF”. I needed a TEAM of PEOPLE before I even visited studios a long time ago. I DID NOT.

I’ve looked like a ONE-OFF freelancer most of my life. The gangsters that knew of me… did THEIR OWN THING with their own groups of peoples.

If I had showed up and people were waiting for me, ready to “get my back” whenever necessary and BRING ME UP TO SPEED and introduce me and others to me… it wouldn’t have been a big deal to make a “cameo” appearance as a real or fraud producer. Honestly!

I was willing to put in time and effort to build a resume since the 1970s, but I believe I was not supposed to at all. I am disappointed. L.A. has it’s own thing going on and always has!

So now you know why I was misyoked and mislabeled so long. I was standing in for others and not connected well enough to be a REAL PART of the filmmaking machine of L.A. I was not that needed!

So thanks, and gotta be gone! 🙂